It’s a shame masks can’t hide what kind of people you are

I admit, I didn’t take Corona seriously.

China is far, it will not come here, a little stronger than a flu, people panic too much.

But there it is. And it took a lot. And it brought a lot. It put the masks on our faces while lowering them at the same time.

I will not write how dangerous or why dangerous it is, whether it really came from a bat or was created in someone’s sick mind, nor is it mortality or anything. I don’t feel competent to talk about it, so I’m not even going to be smart. At this point I’m just not smart. I’m not afraid to admit it. I am not afraid to admit that I am a little scared, not so much the virus as its consequences.

But I can write about what has always inspired me in blog posts – about (non) people or lack of humanity.

So, my dear, aren’t you ashamed? How do you sleep knowing how selfish you are? How do you feel knowing that someone more powerless has run out of essentials because you bought the whole warehouse?

What about people who are alone and who have no one to care for them? What about people who just barely make ends meet so they can’t buy annual supplies? What about people who work day and night to feed their family and not have time to buy? Did you think of them?

Or just for your own ass?

Considering the amount of toilet paper purchased, I would say it’s the other one.

And you, those who persistently violate the prescribed self-isolation, and you who persistently push and create crowds, ask yourself what your life is like if you cannot spend two days without a cafe. Then move from bar to barbecue for 50 people. So then you push yourself a little bit more into the store because why not, there’s a crew. Ask yourself how much life you have potentially put at risk because of your shallow urges. It’s not great for anyone. All this affects us both mentally and financially and certainly.

I’m used to being constantly on the move, constantly being somewhere, but damn it. I hate being deprived of that freedom, but I would hate myself even more if someone’s life was threatened by my negligence.

But you do not care, do you? It is essential that your heart is in place. The point is that you also bought all the masks. Who cares that someone needs more, who is in a riskier group. First come, first served, right?

Too bad these masks can’t hide what kind of people you are. Maybe then they would have a purpose. Then they would at least protect us from you.

And I don’t know what to say about the fact that you just realized that you should wash your hands. I was only interested in one thing; did you also buy so much cleaning supplies? Everyone just talks about soaps and toilet paper, and no one talks about cleaning products.

I would also take care of my environment. What will your clean hands do if everything around you is dirty? Sooner or later you get dirty yourself. Take this any way you want.

Actually, what will your clean hands do if your cheek is unclean? You can’t quite wash it with disinfectant. You can’t even wipe it off with toilet paper. You’re either shit or you’re not.

And I hope you are not. I hope you don’t go in crowds, I hope you buy rationally, I hope you realize that even though you are not part of the risk group yourself, someone else is. I hope. I also hope you understand that this will all end sooner if we follow the rules and recommendations. At least that should be your motivation.

I hope we can all draw a big lesson from this. I hope we will finally stop taking for granted the life we know. I hope this will teach us how blessed we really are.

I can only hope.

*Be well, be kind and stay home. It could save lives. Love you all M

10 thoughts on “It’s a shame masks can’t hide what kind of people you are”

  1. I’m really disgusted by how people are acting. My friends and I had a virtual party in order to see each other and still practice social distancing. One of my friends went to an actual party last night to say I was disappointed is an understatement.

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  2. It’s so hard being stuck in isolation, but you’re right—it’s completely worth stopping the spread and potentially saving lives. I’m hoping that more and more people catch on, and am choosing to stay off my phone as much as possible. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe!


  3. I love it. (once again). But seriously, I was volunteering with the Red Cross in my country and I saw so many elderly people and people in need which didn’t have means to buy products, whether food or as you said, toilet papers. Some of them don’t even have families and are all alone in this world. And to think of it that there are people starving just because some jerk bought annual reserves of food (whatever) is making me sad and angry. Because those people protected us, their children, when they didn’t have to. And now, it’s our turn to be the ones who care, who protect and who serve. Let’s be humans, let’s help each other, because without each other, we are as good as dead. Thanks for sharing.


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