Challenge accepted? Accept this one!


These days, the challenges spread more than corona, and old photos and old times are more sought after than yeast and toilet paper combined. Hard times, what can I tell you. It is not easy for anyone to be trapped in four walls and then to watch all these challenges on their social networks. I know how you feel.

But again, I find that people are bored, so they have to find excitement. Realistically, it’s better to be harassed by old photos and other challenges than boredom by walking through parks and violating self-isolation. See? Not everything is so black and white. It’s just black. I’m kidding, sorry, it’s not my goal to throw you into an even bigger dump, quite the opposite.

I have one challenge for you too.

I challenge you to be positive. Not on the corona, positive on life.

I challenge you to make the most of this time. Read that book that has been on your shelf for years. Reading is great. It expands vocabulary, expands perspectives, drives thinking and gives the opportunity to travel to some other worlds. This is perhaps what we need most now; to move away from the gray every day, even at least in the head.

Watch that movie you always wanted, but never had the time to do. Or the series that intrigued you. Now you can at least watch the season daily without feeling guilty. Now you can save lives if you do that. Isn’t that great?

I challenge you to learn something new. Maybe you always wanted to learn a foreign language, maybe you wanted to learn how to cook, maybe you wanted to improve your makeup skills, maybe you always wanted get a certificate for Social Marketing … I don’t know. Whatever it is, you can do it now. Now you have time.

I challenge you to create a new habit. Break the boredom by training, start eating healthy, create art, write 10 things you are grateful for every day, write down goals, and supplement your bucket list with new ideas. You have countless opportunities, just those that have suffered so far because we simply have not had the time, nor the strength to devote to them.

I challenge you to meet yourself these days. Really, get to know yourself. Many people do not know who they are, what they want and why they want it, and then they chase everything they need and don’t need. They give up some things too fast, and some things stick more than they need to because they have no set priorities. Now is the perfect time to think about life and everything we want from it.

I challenge you to stay home.

I thought it should not be repeated, but repetition is the mother of knowledge. Some people still don’t get it. To some, this is still an extended holyday. Because of some, this will take longer than necessary. Don’t be one of them.

I challenge you to act responsibly. This is not the time to play a guy who nobody can touch. You are the biggest guy right now if you only leave the house as necessary (and of course, if you are not in self-isolation), keep an eye out for people, don’t organize barbecues and picnics for 50 people, wash your hands and endanger other people with your negligence, alright?!

*Okay, now that we’ve all learned all of this, accept the challenge and tag your friends you challenge to do all of this. Love you. Stay safe.

11 thoughts on “Challenge accepted? Accept this one!”

  1. This is a great challenge! And if we really wanted to, we could document ourselves completing these challenges to make ourselves feel better haha And this time next year we can see the memories and enjoy them!

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