Do you look at life through bars?

Do you cling to the bars and want to go outside or are you timidly hiding behind them? Is everything you want outside the fence? Or is it not?

How are you feeling? As the winner of your life or as a prisoner? Where are you on which side? Where is what you call life? And is this really Life?

Whatever you answer is fine. It only matters how you feel about it. Are you happy and satisfied with this or maybe you are not…? Only your feeling is crucial. To do something or maybe not. No one on the side can appreciate that better than yourself. Because only you know the true truth …

And I just remind you that you have the right to be what you want and where you want to be. That you are worth it. That you have the ability to change something. That you deserve to feel fantastic and in love with your life! And every new day …

Because you didn’t come here to torture yourself. You came to live!

So live!

22 thoughts on “Do you look at life through bars?”

  1. Hey Marta, whatever you wrote in your blog is really encouraging for the new-generation like me, we just forget the reason of being on earth, we get dragged into totally nuisance stuff and ends up torturing ourselves only, In the race of of popularity we forget how to live and how to enjoy life, I really liked your words from the bottom of my heart😊😊

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  2. Beautifully said. I have a pretty good feel for where I am right now and am working towards getting myself into an even better spot down the road. Definitely enjoying my life and my kids. Focusing on finding work that I enjoy. Thanks for sharing this post!

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  3. Great post. Definitely living through the bars right now with everything that’s going on and not being able to go out but isn’t everyone! I often have these types of thoughts about life and whether I feel like I’m in control or a prisoner.

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  4. I know many people that suffer with anxiety and my sister in law never leaves her room because of it. I used to get frustrated with her like… what the heck is she doing in there all day…. but this has enlightened me so thank you! It is a horrible thing to feel that you live beyond bars and are afraid.

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  5. Amazing and inspiring!!! Thank you!!! I have a 5-year plan that I follow, it is not easy to always follow it but it gives me a direction.


  6. I am ok right now in life. I have some skeletons in the closet and I feel sometimes I am behind the bars because of what people want me to be. Going to counseling for this.

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