Long live social distancing!

I’ve been desperate all week. I spent the first three days in bed because my menstrual cramps decided to kill what little life was left in me, and after that I got caught in a mini depression. It was awful. Inspiration, creativity, motivation, the will to live … Zero points.

But then I remembered what a legend I am and how great I am and now I’m back again. (It’s a jock people)

It would be a great pity for this Zen to be destroyed by people who do not deserve to destroy anyone’s Zen, so I decided that after isolation I would socially distance myself. Not from all of the people. I’m still a social being, but let’s just say I’m a selective social being.

Ambivert. This is the one between introverts and extroverts.

In fact, I always thought that dividing into introverts and extroverts was not enough. It limits too much, which I know. Then I realized that there were ambivers and a little heart was in place, but not all, just a little.

So, social distance. The first person is the “I know everything about everybody, but I have no idea who I am” person. She literally knows everything about everyone. She is so versed that the complete yellow print is jealous of her. Before you know who you will end up with in bed and when you will become pregnant. Because she follows, she studies, she analyzes, she is always there. Don’t doubt her powers.

But to the questions of who she really is, what her goals are in life, and whether she has any ambitions – there is simply no answer. She throws out an error 404 because these terms just don’t exist in her dictionary.

Ready for the second person? Because I’m not. The second person is the “I don’t like the way you breathe” person. Her special skill is finding everything that goes wrong. She does not acknowledge success because it is not fun, and her daily goal is to object at least 50 times.

What is not fun for her is as you tell her that she is just unhappy and unfulfilled and that projecting her own insecurities onto others is definitely not the solution, but what do I know, I am not a psychologist.

The third person is the “passivity is my life calling” person. So, my people, I don’t know. I can’t say that such people hurt me too much because they literally just vegetate, but they annoy me. That’s why they’re on this list.

Further. Fourth person. “It’s not me, it’s your fault” person. The retrograde Mercury is to blame for the desperate personality, the superior for the poor results, for the love crisis only the man is to blame, and the state is always to blame for too little money. Basically, there is absolutely never a problem with her.

So at least she loves to talk and who I am to ruin her dreams. I’ll leave that job to this one that you don’t like the way you breathe.

A fifth person is a forcefully person. You know, those people who try to be funny, but forcefully, then it’s not nearly as funny as just being forced. It is actually their program and they are all forcing. They live by force, they try to be smart by force, they pop out of every pate, but by force. Look at me, look at me, I’m here, I’m here! That’s their main motto. They would die if they weren’t in the spotlight and make stupid comments just to notice.

And if you told them that they were just insecure and would prefer self-reliance instead of forced forays, they would probably offend you. So, run away sister as far as you can.

This list could grow into a whole book, but to summarize, there is everyone who seeks out and spreads the negative, heals complexes on others and the reach of their conversation is who are you, what others are working with and who is kissing who!

Long live social distancing!

23 thoughts on “Long live social distancing!”

  1. I truly could relate with those “I don’t like the way you breathe” kind of persons. These are those who cannot find peacefulness in mind and life as a whole. They just distract you from achieving your life goals so better to just ignore them and move on.

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  2. Firstly your headline caught my attention- Long live social distancing, quite amusing! Then the way you talked about your different self in one soul, I liked it that yes we are not just one self- not just introvert or extrovert, we are different at different points of times, thanks

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  3. I get so annoyed by “It’s not me, its your fault” people! It’s such a good quality when people can admit they made a mistake.

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  4. I believe that many people still don’t fully understand what ambiverts are. Traditionally, people always knew the two extremes personality types of extroverts & introverts.

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  5. I think we all know each type of person you described there! I was mentally assigning people I knew to each one!

    My partner says he has been practising social distancing for years…. He is in no rush to go back!

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  6. oooooooooh. reading this and thinking about certain people makes me goo “uhhhhh”. but you know what, i call them sandpaper people. they also teach us something.. and dealing with these various type of people actually help us also shape our character. 🙂

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  7. I’am an extrovert when it comes to socialize to the other people then I’m also an introvert when it comes to be alone so that’s why I called myself ambivert as well.

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