3 cocktails for carefree spring relaxation on the balcony

Is there anything better than lounging in the spring sun while holding your favorite cocktail in your hand? Certainly there is, but if you ask me, this type of leisure is one of those little pleasures of life that you don’t have to resist. Refreshing cocktails, whose recipes you will learn below, are a cult drink and have been the choice of lovers of quality beverages for years, which is acceptable even in the morning (yay!), And in addition, they go fruit (in some form) so we can all comforting together that we practically eat fruit salad.

Extremely refreshing, sparkling and delicious, Aperol Spritz, Hugo and Mimosa will win over those who do not prefer alcohol, find out below how to make them:

Aperol Spritz

  1. 3cl prosecco
  2. 2cl Aperol
  3. 1cl carbonated mineral water
  4. A slice of orange

Put ice in a glass and pour prosecco. Then add Aperol and mineral water. Finally decorate with a slice of orange. Don’t forget the straw!


  1. Prosecco or other sparkling white wine (enough for 3/4 glass)
  2. Tablespoon of elderberry syrup
  3. Mineral water (enough for the rest of the glass)
  4. A few mint leaves
  5. A slice of lime

Pour all the ingredients into a glass and stir. Be sure to add a few ice cubes!


In lack of a champage glass a normal tall glass will do
  1. Champagne
  2. Orange juice (or peach puree)

Cool the wine or champagne glasses in the fridge or freezer, then pour the orange juice and champagne into the glass, garnish with a slice of orange and that’s it!


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