Raspberry syrup

Do you like to eat raspberries? If so, you will surely be delighted by the delicious raspberry syrup, which you can use in several different ways. In addition to being a refreshing drink, raspberry juice can serve as an addition to other dishes, especially desserts, so you can use it as a topping for fruit salad or ice cream or even as an addition to cream for a delicious cake.

If you are in the mood to prepare a delicious drink, here are some useful information that will make your whole job easier.


  1. 500 g of sugar
  2. 500 g raspberries


1. Wash the raspberries and blend them in a juicer or blender. After you have ground them, you need to put them in the fridge and leave them overnight. The next day, you have to separate the juice from the seeds and skin, and you can do that best with the help of gauze.

2. When you have strained the juice and separated anything that might bother you later, pour the juice into a pot which you will then put on the fire (before you start heating put the sugar).

3. Allow to cook over low heat, stirring constantly, and so on until it boils. Just cook for up to 15 minutes.

*Before you start pouring the juice, it is important that you have prepared glass bottles, which you have previously washed, dried and heated well.

*You can now pour the syrup into bottles and close with a stopper and use as needed for delicious desserts or refreshing drinks.

12 thoughts on “Raspberry syrup”

  1. Couldn’t wait to try it. I love berries in general! Also, those photos are magnificent. Thanks for sharing them. Wishing us a lovely and healthy week!

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