Our emotions are not weakness, but the fact that we have forgotten how to deal with them…

I have been told so many times that emotions are weakness. And every time you show that you care, you give someone else the power to make you a star or to run over you. Well, it turns out that we would be happier if there was no emotion. Isn’t that what the system wants anyway, to turn us into things, into numbers? To live like machines …

So imagine a life without emotions … imagine a world without music, without art, without colors. Imagine people all with the same facial expression.

Think of the people you love without a smile. It’s not going well, is it? This is not what we want, even though we persuade ourselves day by day that it would be better. Easier…

To whom are emotions a weakness? Only to those who have never learned to deal with them.

My heart is an open book, to those I let close enough to read them. They understand when I’m quiet, they understand when I’m busy, they even understand those smiles that would fool everyone, but they don’t fool them, because those are the smiles I try hard to do, but they don’t reach my eyes.

And I am so rarely, these are moments like these now, when I change my mind and try to get used to living far from everything and everyone I love. I do not like it and I will never say that this is better. I have no need to act.

But it seems to me that even now, even in these circumstances, they know nothing but acting. They still stick to their roles and do not shy away from them. They still hold sway, but whatever for? No one looks at them anyway.

Most of the time, no one is watching us anyway. We are not important to them. Not in the way we like to think.

We just twist often that something around us revolves. But nothing revolves. No universe will stop without us. We live in a time when we finally needed to understand it. In a time that clearly showed us that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or how much money you have, or how much you think you matter … because we all received the same treatment. And we are all made to deal with ourselves.

All those times when we were told that our emotions and our humanity did not matter, they were now shattered. We have been shown what the planet thinks about it. We have been shown that whatever we have set ourselves as priorities simply has no value.

Your business? Realistically, it may no longer exist once quarantine has ended.

Thousands of your followers? Suddenly, they don’t care about the cloths you wear.

Your lifestyle? What lifestyle? No more strolling around with branded handbags.

Commercials? Success? Your face without color and emotion, because you’re trying to sell yourself under a doll.

But many are still acting and waiting for it to pass to get back to old.

The old no longer exists. Nothing will ever be as it was again. Yes, the fool will always be, and yes, many will continue to chase the semblance, and yes … most of these insecure, frustrated and overwhelmingly executed will continue to say that emotions don’t matter and how success is measured by account balance. But I ask them – have they managed to buy happiness all these days while being quarantined?

And how much is eternal persecution of work worth now? And how much is it worth living for an image? And how much is it worth acting to be successful and happy when they are alone. Only now do they realize exactly how much.

My phone has not stopped ringing since day one of the quarantine. It rings even more now that we are home than it rang while everything was in ‘normal’. We laugh, we cry, we debate, we quarrel, we plan … nobody plays anything to anyone.

Those ‘branded’ and above all ‘successful’ call me too, and they tell me that they are forgotten and alone. Well maybe the thing is, how finally their fake glamor and lifeless faces and selling idiocy are no longer interesting to anyone.

I haven’t followed any of “influencers” these days, I don’t care what they have to show.

I am not interested in their empty talks and copy paste quotes, I am not interested in their ironed out, lifeless photos and lamenting that their collaborations and travels have been canceled. I am not interested in webinars of various ‘business experts’, stupid and useless networking, sad stories of those who are all business and do not know what to with themselves now that “everything is on hold”’, nor am I interested in anyone who is just a fake.

And the various advisers and gurus who are at once a cure for everything and everyone, global meditations, who look at you sideways if you do not participate … because what kind of person are you if you do not ‘meditate for peace in the world’? The world is at peace, the storms are in us, the storms are there because everyone is acting, racing with someone, sabotaging someone, stealing and chasing some quasi success and some stupid sum on the bill, and everyone sees flaws on everybody else, but does not see them on themselves.

So while you are wondering why Corona came, here is the answer, it came to us to make us stop dealing with shenanigans and nonsense, competitions and comparisons. It came to make us reconcile with ourselves.

And there is no reconciliation and no feeling of peace, until you let yourself have all your emotions. Until you let yourself be human.

And you can act like you’re all Zen and just waiting for all this to go through and twist your idea, how your meditation changes something in the world and how you “treat someone from a distance” with your thoughts, but honey, it’s still pure deception…

None of us are particularly happy at the moment. Particularly unlucky are those who call in the masses and say nonsense like, ‘If you haven’t quarantined at least ten webinars and read 30 books now, then you haven’t used your time wisely.’

Come on – that is my answer to anyone who claims the right to tell someone else how to spend time in a situation that has not fallen for anyone and has thrown us all out of our familiar orbit.

Whatever you do while sitting at home in quarantine, it is important that you allow yourself to feel both fear and stress and anxiety. And to allow yourself humanity and questioning and to change your mind as you wish. And how you need it.

And trust me, it’s totally okay to say you’re not happy.

And it’s perfectly okay not to answer calls and messages, and it’s okay to think that everyone who still acts on social media just snapped, because believe me, some are… maybe now quarantined and maybe long before.

The world is full of crazies, only now we can see it a little more clearly. It’s full of fakers and full of unhappy people. And these unfortunates treat their unhappiness by imposing on everyone else false ideals that no human being can reach. But the point is, you don’t even have to.

Neither of us should aspire to anything that is not natural to him.

And everything that has been imposed on us as ‘normal’ in recent decades is simply not. It’s okay to see that, it’s okay to delete people from Facebook. It’s okay that you decide to change both yourself and the circle of people you will hang out with when quarantine is lifted. It’s okay if you plan on changing your environment and business and even your life partner.

And it’s okay that you are missing some people you haven’t thought about in a long time, but also that many of those you considered close are getting on your nerves.

What irritates you about their stupid memes, blogs and duck faces, meditations, statuses and brainwashes, the endless lists of ‘everything that must be done in quarantine’. Because … this is a situation where you only have an obligation to yourself. As we really always have. But it is somehow easier to ‘normally’ succumb to the rules of a corrupt society, modeled on retouched Barbie’s, quasi ‘successful’ individuals and babes who have a comment on everything and are a lid for each pot.

These days we see who the real heroes are.

We see what the real values are. We see how important humanity really is and how our feelings make us what we really should be – human beings. We can see quite clearly how much humanity has wallowed in self-deception and how much it has succumbed to the effects of plastic. To the extent that it is what makes us special – laughter, tears, sadness, powerlessness, anger, joy, passion, panic … love – has been cut down with a knife from us.


Well, go ahead and feel, let all of the emotions out. Allow yourself to be just you. No one is watching, you don’t need to explain to anyone, you never did.

And you no longer have to tolerate someone’s stupidity, craziness or frenzy, you never did have too.

22 thoughts on “Our emotions are not weakness, but the fact that we have forgotten how to deal with them…”

  1. I have said that I wish the emotions would go away. But like how you described in your post, I wouldn’t really want them to. I would miss the happiness and the uniqueness of everyone.

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  2. Someone once said “if you could do with one emotion, what would it be” thought about this and said, I would like to feel it all, this is what makes me human. The anger, the tears, laughter, annoyance, and all. This is what helps me know right from wrong. Emotions aren’t weakness, if anything, it makes us who we are and stronger

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  3. Excellent and very well written post. The lockdown has really helped stabilize my emotions due to a lack of stressors. I’ve been more in touch with myself now than I have in years.

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  4. I feel like, for me, this time has really helped me to see which influencers are ‘fake’ and which are transparent and real with their lives. Those that are fake are continuing to push their perfect lives as if there’s nothing happening in the world right now. Meanwhile, I’ve seen others that open up and share their struggles, connecting with people on a deeper level. Those are the influencers that I am now drawn to.

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  5. One of my greatest learnings over the past 24 months is that all emotions need to be felt and acknowledged. They are feelings – not necessarily “truth”, but when we say “I shouldn’t feel this way”, we somehow put ourself down and lose a little more respect for ourselves.
    Slowly learning that all emotions are valid – but it doesn’t mean I have to wallow in them!

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  6. For people who have been living measured lives, the pandemic is just another part of life. For those living external, exaggerated lives, it’s serving as a wake up call to pay attention to what matters.


  7. “The world is at peace, the storms are in us” this quote speaks volumes. As we hide our emotions and pretend some more…the storm brews. I wonder how many people since the start of quarantine have weathered their storms. Great piece, full of truth and honesty. x

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