Mistakes don’t matter, they never did …

I’ve been thinking a lot these days. Discussed and prosecuted. Observed and reflected. Lost trust in some people and got motivated. Left old desires aside and found new goals, and some of the existing ones were strengthened and confirmed.

I drank coffee. Trained. Slept a lot. Listened to lectures and learned new things. Watched the series. Watched the show. Read books. Lounged back. And I was wondering, don’t ask me how and why … Why are lies rewarded and the truth punished?


I read the book. It started out this way: “I wanted only to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?” (Hermann Hesse)

Let’s start from the beginning.

All humans have their flaws, every human makes a mistake from time to time, each of us has our own “flies” that only we understand or maybe not even ourselves completely understand them, and that’s okay because it makes us human. We are not made of fairy dust and stars, we are made of blood and flesh, good and bad.

Honestly, my “flies” never bothered me too much because I had long been reconciled to the fact that I was only human. I’m not a superhero, I’m not a saint, I’m not God, I’m just human. I have my beliefs, my views, opinions, desires, needs, goals. Maybe I’m not always right, but just thinking with my head is already a lot. Realistically.

And I was condemned many times just because I wasn’t afraid to be me, I wasn’t afraid to admit I had flaws, and I wasn’t even afraid to tell you or show what was on my mind. Honestly, I do not have the strength and time to act, justify and fight windmills.

I express my opinions sometimes too much. Sometimes I express them too little because I find it makes no sense. I don’t get into things that don’t interest me. I don’t excuse myself for a while now because again it doesn’t make sense, people only understand from their perspective. I do not refrain from pointing out what I think is wrong, even though I was wrong, but it is easier for me to say and make a mistake than to keep it to myself. I’m not talking to you if I do not want to talk to you. I talk too much if you feel great and feel good around you.

I admit, it’s not easy living with such a person. I am aware of the kind of world we live in.

But then I see how much some people are worshiped just because they are a little better at hiding their mistakes and vices, a little easier to cuddle and pretend, and I wonder – who is crazy here?

Why am I being judged for one thing just because I’m not afraid to admit it, and someone else for the same thing won’t be judged purely for not acknowledging it? Am I crazy because I am not afraid and turn out to be bad, is he crazy who keeps things in order to please others and waits for it to burst, or are people who you have to draw everything to understand the ones that are crazy?

I know this may be too heavy a topic for a Friday, but just think how silly people are.


I watched the show. The topic was plastic surgery. It matters less what the content is, but the point is, this woman picked up a bunch of gruesome comments just because she said publicly that she had made a correction on herself, and those behind the curtain were spared all that hatred.

Again, I wonder who’s crazy because it turns out that the biggest mistake is to stand behind your words and actions. Obviously, it’s not a problem to do things that are not allowed and shouldn’t be done in the first place, a problem is to admit you made them.

No, “mistakes” are not important, they never were, we all make them. It matters who plays better.

And that is precisely why it is so difficult to live in accord with the promptings which came from your true self. Because it is not desirable, it is not universally accepted.

But you know what? Live anyway.

You may eventually find people who love not only the good in you but the whole of you. People you don’t have to hide from and people who don’t have a hard time dealing with the truth. These are the people that will make it all worthwhile.

You will eventually realize that living life is not so bad. And one lives through experiences, through trials and failures. The ones who always think how they should live do not live at all.

The ones who live are the ones who simply… Just live.

30 thoughts on “Mistakes don’t matter, they never did …”

  1. We live in a complex world. No matter what we do or say, people will judge us. We will judge ourselves. At some point, we have to decide live our lives the only way we know how… Our way.

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  2. I love what you said about how mistakes are not important we all make them. I just wish everybody could see that they’re not perfect

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  3. Knowledge acquired through mistakes are life long lessons. As long as we learn something new out of our mistakes i think its ok to make mistakes.

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  4. This is so well said. What a great read. I especially love when you say how some people are worshipped because they are seen as the elite, or better than us. But really they are only better at hiding the flaws. So true.

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  5. We all make mistakes. What is important is that we learn from them. Our scars and flaws should not define us. The greatest lie one can present as a human being is to live like they have never been wrong.

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  6. When you said “ Why are lies rewarded and the truth punished?” I felt this. I’m a very blunt and honest person. When someone lies, it hard for me to trust them even when they are telling the truth. I’m like you when it comes to sharing too. Sometimes I share a little too much and sometimes it’s just not enough. Sigh!

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  7. When I was teaching, I used to encourage the children to enjoy and celebrate their mistakes, because mistakes are where the best learning and development occurs. Like you say, life is a lot simpler when we accept mistakes and own them.

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  8. Having the opportunity to fix a mistake is one of the greatest perks of making a mistake. If you hurt someone, apologize and make amends. If you failed a test, strive to do better next time. If you make the same mistake again (because everyone does), you can apply what you learned the first time making that mistake.

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