Don’t let it be an ordinary day today…

We are so small compared to eternity. So short-lived. Our life is like a blink of an eye in relation to the infinity of time.

And so often we spend it in a mad way. We shake our heads so much with worries, little things, and forget to enjoy ourselves. We are tormented by everyday chills … And forget that all this will pass anyway. Like the one before.

And where are we in that story? Where are we?

How fast have we been so far this year?

Likewise, those who arrive will pass quickly.

So let’s look forward and worry less.

To love more and to regret less.

Embrace more and resent less.

All the beautiful more, everything that makes us sad less…

Let’s go to that.

For this day will pass, and how shall we spend it?

Try to think of it as brand new without entering anything difficult from the past. Anything that bothers you and worries you. Think of it as such. Clean, carefree and observe all that is beautiful and good in it.

So ask yourself from that position – what would you like to do today? Who to spend the day with, whom to call? What would you like to do? What do you enjoy so much about and haven’t done in a long time?

Give it a gift. You to yourself. Be a Giver and a Recipient. Full circle. Don’t ask for it from anyone, but allow yourself to do what you love and be with those you want. And so every day more and more.

Because this blink of an eye in eternity will pass quickly anyway. So live it joyfully!

49 thoughts on “Don’t let it be an ordinary day today…”

  1. Very well written. This past few months there’s a lot of things happening in this world. We don’t know what will happen in the next day. Let’s just enjoy and embrace all the things and live life to the fullest. Because life is to short.

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  2. This is such a great reminder to stay in the moment. It can be easy to get focused thinking too much about the future or worrying what will happen, and it is something I am always working on. It is powerful to be able to be appreciative of each day!

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  3. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post. During this difficult time we need something like this. I loved reading it 🙂 – Paolo

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  4. Life is a gift, so I try my best to make each day special or different. It doesn’t need to be grand. Also being grateful every day is important.

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  5. wow..this blog post is truly very helpful and inspiring…Indeed this is very deep and meaningful..We should always make our every second very special…TOtally agree with all of the ideas..Thanks for sharing…

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  6. I have said for many years that I never want to live the same day twice. I always try and do something new and exciting each day. Great post thank you for sharing!

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  7. short and sweet! it’s like daily affirmations. we are in charge of our thoughts and master of our minds. To cultivate empowering thoughts is challenging since we are under the influence of our external environment. I guess what we need is to practice more gratitude.

    good write up 🙂

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  8. Very well written. This is really inspiring. It is always important to filled our life a positive thoughts. and keep on going and go to the flow.

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  9. I really enjoyed reading this lovely article ! Personally, I’m inclined to read and write these kind of articles that puts into emphasis life lessons and most of all self reflections.
    Keep up the good work !


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