Once you look you can’t say you haven’t seen it…

Once you look, you can no longer say that you have not seen … when you smell the Life you can no longer bury yourself in the dead. You cannot. Although you think it would be best. Because it’s so “safer”.

Once you listen to that little voice inside, at least you dare to take the path that takes you… you can’t be the same anymore. You can’t go back to the beginning and say nothing happened. Because it has, and you know it.

You can fake it in front of everybody, but deep down you know that nothing is the same anymore. Neither will ever be.

And you can take a look at yourself and say that what is calling you does not exist. But you know it’s there. And once you feel it, everything becomes a pale copy. Some miserable feeling, some greyness … versus a beautiful color palette to draw the life of your dreams. What you’ve always wanted.

That’s why once you look … And you sure already have, because as soon as you read this, it means you’re looking … For ways to reach that fullness from within. To live your purpose in all fields. Joy.

Because you know there is something better, more beautiful, different. Something where you will feel that you truly live with full heart. Something above this mediocrity…

You know. And that’s why life pushes you forward, asks you to move, to dare, to try. Not to surrender and be in love with this where you are. It asks you to stand up and move.

So you finally breathe.

And once you taste that nectar, you won’t even think about going back to that old one. Because from that position you will see how stale it is. And you reborn. Re-created. Finally, from the depths of the soul, Joyful.

In this, yet New Life!

45 thoughts on “Once you look you can’t say you haven’t seen it…”

  1. These are such beautiful words that really resonate with me. This reads like a poem, a beautiful story that you must read more than once to really get everything from it!

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  2. I love this! Once you see you cannot unsee and once you know you cannot unknown. The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve grown to understand the expression ignorance is bliss for the very reasons you have described.

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  3. First, I thought it was a poem! The words are so beautifully crafted to complement the wonderful thoughts and reflection. Beautiful read!

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  4. I agree with this And that’s why life pushes you forward, asks you to move, to dare, to try. Not to surrender. Always keep going no matter how hard it is because the mirror of reality.

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