Behind the curtain

My people, I have reached the 200th post. In fact, we reached it together. Without you these words would not have so much meaning and weight. Sometimes it seems to me that I’ve done a lot already, and sometimes that I haven’t actually even started. I’m probably right in both situations.

Many times you ask me where my inspiration comes from and how I manage to think of new topic every week. The truth is that sometimes it comes to me on its own, and sometimes I sit in front of my laptop all day and bang my head because nothing just comes out of it. It is literally empty. So it is somehow today. I thought writing the 200th post would be more glamorous, but here it is.

The hardest part is being creative while your motivation is generally zero and countless stresses are on your mind. Fuck it, you grit your teeth and push on.

And my goal is not to complain and tell you about my problems, but to point out that this is a completely normal part of the process. You can’t take the elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. Too few people seem to understand that.

We have all at least once seen a person who is good at something and thought he was simply born under a lucky star; he just has talent, luck, connections or what I know. Moreover, many times we felt so self- conscious because – why this person deserves it more than us?

Sometimes we even go so far as to copy our idols, we think we have to act like them, dress and talk like them so we will enjoy that success too, but it doesn’t happen. Because at that point we want to jump the stairs, and it just doesn’t go that way.

True, they probably have talent, some luck and met the right people at the right time, but there are also a lot of people with all that who don’t live life the way they could. The only difference is that the first ones do not give up while it is the hardest and do not take shortcuts.

There is no successful entrepreneur who has not had his bad days and wondered what he needed all this for. After all, he also had to start somewhere and be just an amateur who doesn’t know what to do with himself, but it was those beginner’s mistakes that taught him what to do and what not to do.

You don’t even have an expert in your craft who always knew what he was doing and how it was done. You don’t have an exceptional artist who has just always been happy with his works, but you have those who have tried and tried and become better and better. You don’t even have a perfectly sculpted person who hasn’t given up before and has been in muscle inflammation for days.

There is no man with the wisdom of life who has not been burned a hundred times before. There is no person who knows what they want and is disciplined to make it happen without being disappointed before – with themselves, the environment, the world. There is absolutely no one to whom everything came of its own accord.

The problem is that many times we see only that “end product” and the public image, and we have no absolute idea what is going on behind the curtain and what a person has had to go through to become what he has become.

Based on this, we sometimes create prejudices, and sometimes desires, plans and tactics. It’s just that there is no universal tactic. Everyone has to find their own. Choose your path and discover for yourself what suits you the best.

Comparing and blaming that others just had more luck never made sense and never will. We are different, each with their own virtues that they can take advantage of and their own shortcomings that they have to deal with. Everyone with their capabilities and everyone with their problems.

And the road from beginning to end is so long precisely because of all those struggles that are in between, and which are so necessary, important and crucial.

These fights behind the curtain are most important because – it is possible to succeed overnight, but it takes a lot to get to that night. So don’t give up while it’s hard because it has to become easy one day.

12 thoughts on “Behind the curtain”

  1. I feel like more people should be transparent with the issues they face daily. Not many people are and that’s what makes living life a bit more competitive. Take social media photos for instance.

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  2. I can relate to this post as I am a singer. I have wished I could be like someone as they are talented and lucky. I am not so much.

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  3. Hello, it’s been 2 months already since I first read your blog posts. Congratulations on your milestone of reaching your 200th post. I admire you from writing kinds of stuff, I do agree that there are really a lot of things which happen behind that other people have no idea anything about how a particular thing happened to your life.

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  4. Wow 200th post! Well done. From experience I know that it takes a lot of dedication to achieve that. In all this you have one way or the other inspired someone by sharing your thoughts and ideas. Keep it up.

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  5. Being creative is a hard job. Especially if you have to gather too much ideas because sometimes even creative hearts are tired.

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  6. Absolutely. We never know how many times someone failed before reaching success, we only see the end product, which is why I think so many of us feel down. I’d love to read testimonials from successful people regarding this – the mistakes they’ve made and the failures they had.

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