You never know…

They say we must not reveal our goals, desires and thoughts. You never know who will use it against you, who will twist it, twist it and adjust it to their agenda, but you know what? That is a very hard life… To keep everything to oneself, to fight alone against everyone.

Of course there are evil people. There are also fake friends who applaud you, and in fact can’t wait for you to fall. There are also those who can’t wait to steal your idea, or energy, or both. There are also those who can’t wait for just one of your wrong words to be able to point a finger at you.

But again… There are also those who are good, who will help you and who can’t wait to look forward to your success.

You never know who will use your dreams against you, but you never know who will help you make them come true. And you will never even know if you are silent and afraid to say what is on your soul. You never even know who you will inspire with your dreams, give them hope that they can dream too.

People already have a lot of negatives in life, maybe someone just needs your positive and faith, and we are not even aware of how much we can influence the people around us. Just as the environment can affect us.

You never know who will laugh at your problems, but you never know who will support you and give you exactly the advice you need at that moment. You never even know who will identify with you and who will find it easier because they will know that he is not alone in the world. Some may love you even more because they will realize that you too are just a human of flesh and blood.

Because we are all people of flesh and blood. We all have problems and it’s fucking easier to talk about them than to keep them to ourselves. And that is brave, actually, as you look at what kind of world we live in.

You never know to whom your ideas will be stupid and naive, but you never know to whom they will be phenomenal. Maybe the best one will be exactly the one you thought it certainly wouldn’t be. It is mostly so. What surprises us the most, pleasantly or unpleasantly, is precisely those from whom we least expect it.

You never know who will just wave their hands at your wishes, who will look at you strangely, and who will be disgusted with them, but you never know who will respect them. You never even know who will share your wishes. Maybe they want the same thing, but they didn’t say it because they were afraid of the answer, just like you. Maybe… You won’t know if you don’t say.

You see? You never know.

And why would we turn down the opportunity to click with someone of good spirit because of someone rotten? Why would we turn down the chance for progress for fear of risk? And chance… Chance always exists, only sometimes you have to go over the thorns to get to the stars.

So therefore, if you ask me, it is better to say, ask or try and potentially turn out stupid then not to even try. It is easier to recover from shame and disappointment than from an unfulfilled life and potential.

You wouldn’t even read this if I hadn’t shown my first text to someone who later said, “Go on then, publish it. You have a writing flair. You never know if it’s going to brighten someone’s day. And you never know what will come out of all this. ” And a lot of beautiful things happened from all these texts. For both you and me, I hope.

39 thoughts on “You never know…”

  1. It’s very difficult to trust the world nowadays…. Because of the different mind set . But in all things let your ways known to God and He will protect you. Very educative post.

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  2. I totally agree with this, sometimes our fears and what if’s are holding us back for our capabilities and what we can really do. Sometimes we just need to take the risk and try because we will never know if we won’t try.

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  3. I think writing has the great ability to get to people’s hearts.

    That’s why knowing how to tell an emotion or the story of a person becomes a nice journey to undertake.

    In it, therefore, reflect a feeling and create empathy, as can putting yourself in the shoes of a mother who faces the inevitable growth of a child.

    Or live incredible adventures through the eyes of a fantasy character.

    Words, which derive from a book or blog, have the ability to unite.

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  4. Thank you for listening to those texts to publish! I found so much of myself in your words, it seems the more I try, the more the world fights back, so I try to protect myself from the hurtfulness.

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  5. Well about the heading, I had been writing a short story on it. lol. Secondly yes, until and unless u open up about things u never know who comes up for your help and when and how!

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  6. What a fascinating dilemma. It’s terrible to think someone would crush your confidence or even steal your idea if you told them. But I also strongly believe that if you put yourself and your ideas out there is a way of positively manifesting and following through – and finding people to support your vision.

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  7. We must never be afraid to speak our truth and live our lives. The sooner we ban those fears of being judged and living to the approval of others, the sooner we can flourish and fulfill our own dreams and destiny. Great post!

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  8. Great post. Yeah, We never know and we need to keep our positivity as much as possible. Been there, scared to trust again with friends or even love ones but I conquered my fears, and here I am , happy and contented.

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  9. Such wise words! Caring too much about what other people think of you is bad for you and stops you from truly achieving your potential.

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  10. I have left the naysayers behind. I have grown as a person and now stand up for what I believe in. If someone is trying to bring me down, I have no problem saying shut up. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

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  11. Nice post! I agree with a lot of the points that you made. It’s important to do what makes you happy regardless of what others say.

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  12. I could simply relate to this! I didnt even tell people about my blog since I wasn’t confident about it but eventually now people know me by my blog

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  13. This is timely and really relevant in today’s time. Many people are suffering from depression, a silent killer. They keep it to themselves. It is one of our social responsibilities to check on them, especially our friends, family, and loved ones.

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