As you already know that my husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago, so we have only now decided to treat ourselves to a little getaway. We haven’t been to this end of the county for a really long time, so we packed up yesterday and decided to get away from the city and obligations, and the location is exactly – Višnjica.

Today, on the site of a former wasteland, this agro-tourist estate with a rich rural heritage lies. It is arranged in accordance with the tradition of the former landless settlements, the so-called “Deserted” and is a unique example of the restoration of economic heritage of past centuries in Slavonia.

It is located only 20 minutes’ drive from Virovitica in a gentle plain between the slopes of Papuk and the river Drava, completely surrounded by forests and fields, without crowds, in the shade.

Once this wasteland was known for its sweet potato production, but today it is more branded as a wedding location. They have created a new perfect rustic hall, new annexes with a view of the fields, where you can feel the peace and quiet inside as you drink your first cup of coffee on the porch.

In the tavern “Wheel” which is located next to the hotel you can find a variety of dishes, although the dishes are not so typical for this area, they are delicious. I was looking forward to the gardening pizza which was really nice to me. The tavern is actually ideal for day and weekend visits and socializing on the terrace with the chirping of birds.

They also kept their sweet potato crepe, which I was most looking forward to.

After refreshments in the tavern, I definitely recommend that you take a look at the barn, which is always decorated according to the season – so depending on when you arrive, such a scene will welcome you.

There is also a children’s playground, tree houses, ponds and animals, especially horses that are not afraid of you, so you can feed them.

For us, this was a nice getaway, so we send a lot of greetings from Slavonia until the next trip!


  1. Perfect place to be after the lockdown. The scenery is very relaxing and the cozy ambiance makes me want to go there like right now. The food looks so delicious too!

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  2. Lovely getaway ! Nice photos as well . Love the fact that it has children’s playground , good when travelling with kids. Oh and I love the tree houses!

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