Alexis Aylwin – character study “The tale of the witches – The secret keeper” book

Alexis Aylwin, once my best friend now a girl who didn’t talk to me for two whole years. I still remember the fight that broth our friendship down. Alexis was the smartest girl in our class, smarter then professors them self. She was a popular girl too, every girl wanted to be her, every boy wanted to date her. Maybe because she was different then most of the girls in our school. She dressed different, her hair was different, her eyes too and she had tattoos on her body. Even that she was smart she wasn’t a professors’ pet and that was because she opposed them a lot of the time. Alexis Aylwin a girl who was once my friend.

The Secret Keeper by Marta Zoricic Skeledzija

Alexis eyes were emerald green when she was angry, poison green as some called it. Most of the time they were blue with little green freckles in the irises. The color that nobody liked in Alexis eyes was gray, stormy gray, she was sad when that color came in to her eyes. All of her friends loved that Alexis’s eyes changed color so they always knew where they stand with her. Her emotions were open book and they all reside in Alexis chameleon eyes. Poison, storms and blue sky’s lived in those eyes that could spark the whole room.

Her hair was red, like the fire that rested inside of her. Nobody had that color, you could not buy it in a box and no hair colorist could mix it. It was so wild and untamed. Curly to the middle of her back. When she flicked it, it looked like flames came out of her scalp. Such hair suited her, it was an extension of her distinctive personality. Before you saw her face in the crowd you saw her hair. Wild and free like Alexis her self.

Her personalty you asked? Well that was something else. She was a force to be recon with. Smart, quick thinking and always ready to help anybody in need. She was a hippie. carefree flower child who would smile so bright that it would light anybody’s soul. She loved to dance in the rain, with out music. She calmed she hears the music of rain drops hitting the ground. She was sarcastic as ever, wild and free. You really could not tame her to follow rules if she did not want to. She had a dark side too. She would get her self into trouble faster the you could blink, but she always took responsibility for the mistakes she made or trouble she caused. She read people like open books on the table, she could tell when you lied to her in a split second. Her personalty was one that you would like or hate from the bottom of your soul.

But you know what the best part of Alexis was. It was the fact that she could make the fire dance with her, she could tell you what the wind was saying, she could make the water play with her and she could make the earth do her betting.

“Do you hear how quiet it is?” – Alexis said as the music died off. The silence of the night fell on our ears, muffled as if by cotton wool. Not a leaf moved, there was nothing to be heard but the torches crackling. The music started again as Alexis said: “I had a private word with a wind. There’s one thing you all should know: if the wind takes it into its head to play with fire then even I can’t tame the blaze without Cora. But it gave me its word of honor to keep still tonight and not spoil our fun.”

The Secret Keeper by Marta Zoricic Skeledzija

Well you see Alexis was not an ordinary sixteen year old girl, Alexis was a witch too. She came from a very long line of witches that lived on this Earth as one with us. And by how everything was going Alexis would be one of the most powerful witches that ever lived. It their society when a witch turns turns thirteen she gets to control her first element, its when their blood becomes active to magic, and if they are lucky they get to control one more by the age of sixteen. Alexis already controlled three at the start of the book. Fire, water and earth. She was anomaly in her own world. Something you need to study and observe to understand. And she is getting one more element in side her that she has to tame and control.

“You with the hair like fire. The one who talks to the wind, dances with fire, plays with water and tells earth what to do. I want you Alexis Aylwin.” – said Vygora

The Secret Keeper by Marta Zoricic Skeledzija

A lot was put on the shoulders of a young witch who still doesn’t understand why she is is the way she is. You can get to know her better in my book. I am telling you, you will like her very much. She was an interesting character to write, one of the most entertaining ones in the book. And her story has only began.

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40 thoughts on “Alexis Aylwin – character study “The tale of the witches – The secret keeper” book”

  1. this book really sounds so interesting and an amazing read…glad you shared an honest review about your own book with us..gonna definitely give this one a try as soon as possible..great work though…


  2. I’ve always been interested in what goes into the mind of the author when coming up with the characters, very very very interesting! I can’t wait to grab the book, thank you so much for writing such an amazing book….

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  3. This sounds like an engaging book. I would definitely love to know more about this character. I may have to get this book to see what happens next.

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