You have nothing to prove others, keep your peace

Sometimes knowing that you are right you want to tell everyone in person, prove everything with arguments, but then you realize that it doesn’t make sense.

They won’t want to listen to you, they’ll actually pretend to listen to you, but they’ll switch off, they’ll just stick to their side of the story. Sometimes knowing that you are right you realize what a feeling of freedom it is not to enter into a discussion with someone who does not want to hear the other side, who will be forever convinced that his truth is the only true truth.

Have respect for yourself and don’t get into an argument with someone who is just leading a monologue.

Strong people keep their peace; weak people think that by proving they will achieve something. Don’t wait for miracles in which people will change, but change that environment by replacing it with someone else. Problems with people start when the ego places key determinants on its list of priorities and then what should be in the last place comes first.

When people start talking badly about you, gossiping about you, slandering you, don’t take them seriously, don’t take them at all.

Don’t let hatred cocoon your heart. Do not prove or justify your side of life. Close the door behind those people and those stories. They will stay where they belong. What they sow they will reap. When you know your place in the world, no one can take it away from you. By believing in yourself, find ways to keep your peace.

Train your strength so that you will not be burdened with things that are unimportant, enter into discussions that are insignificant, get tired of some false glow that people live. Life doesn’t have a button with which you can just turn those things off, but at any moment in your mind you can find some better things, some nicer stories. You may not start from the first, but you will from the second, or the third. Become a person for whom peace is more important than confirmation that he is right.

17 thoughts on “You have nothing to prove others, keep your peace”

  1. I do not stoop down to the level of people like these. I do not care about what they say about me, as long as I know that there is no truth to it. I was not born to please everyone, so if they don’t like me, it is not my problem. I just keep in mind that these people don’t have anything better to do and that they probably did not have a happy childhood. Haha. It is always better to stay away from them and keep your peace. Thanks for writing this article.

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  2. Amazing post. I loved this: When people start talking badly about you, gossiping about you, slandering you, don’t take them seriously, don’t take them at all. So true. Especially in this online world where it’s so easy to say anything and everything about anyone and not necessarily see the consequences.

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  3. Agreed. In fact I want to share something. Through my years of experience I can in a second understand who is actually listening and who is just nodding head for the sake. It really hits your morale. What I do nowadays is keep things to myself and share only when I get like listeners.


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