Our everyday stereotypes

Stereotypes are all around us. Moreover, they are so common that they no longer apply not only to humans but also to the virus, so this week we came to the conclusion that the corona attacks only clubs and festivities. There is also a belief that it is an atheist so… Crowded people in the church? You don’t care. More than 100 people in the club? Very problematic. More than 100 people in the club after midnight? Huh, we don’t even want to imagine that.

Not only do they stereotype the poor corona but they also diminish people’s ability to get drunk and do nonsense before midnight. And where are the only people who do nonsense sober. Nobody thinks about them. No, no, midnight matters. After midnight, a demon enters everyone and makes them deliberately sneeze on people on the dance floor. Here and there it licks them too. Just in case, to make sure it infected them.

Sorry, I’m just a little frustrated, but I’m still a woman. It’s normal. The genetic code tells us to talk, whine and quack too much. We better stick to cooking, cleaning and washing because that’s what works best for us and those are jobs for us and just us.

Let’s leave more serious topics and jobs to men because as much as they weren’t created for household chores, for these they are. Yet they are the ones who have no emotions, never cry and are solid as rocks so nothing can cloud their sound logic.

Except for a pretty woman. However, women dress exclusively for men and they just go crazy. They see tits and asses, forget about rationality and become real little hyenas looking only at their prey. Because they are strong conquerors and they are always the first to approach, God forbid it is the other way around.

Of course, it flatters a woman because her only goal in life is to get married and have children, but it flatters her the most if that man also has money. That’s why she has to work a little harder and be a lady. She has to laugh, but not too much. She must wear dresses, but not too short. Her hair must be in place, but not too much. He has to put on make-up, but decently. Because that makes her a lady.

But don’t worry if you’re not that type of woman and man, we still live in the digital age so it’s enough even if you have a lot of followers on Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you don’t even have bread, it’s much more important that you’re popular on social media.

The bread makes you fat anyway, and that’s not good for a perfect photo. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have expensive outings and trips, it’s easier to suck up to someone to pay you than to earn and treat yourself. In the end, it doesn’t even matter who paid, it’s important that your followers envy you for your wonderful photos and stories. Because it makes you valuable – nice looks and likes.

Of course I’m being sarcastic. I just wanted to show you how stupid and disgusting some of the stereotypes look when you put them in black and white.

While there are people to whom this above is true, there are many to whom it is not. It doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible if you go out to clubs. Housework is not just for women. Not all women are emotional, just as not all men are solid rocks. Chasing a career and supporting a family is not just for men.

For a long time now, women have not only dressed up for a men. Not all men are superficial jerks who look at you only on the basis of ass and tits. A woman is no less valuable if she does not fit the image of a lady. Nor is a man less valuable if he is not a macho.

While many people use their platforms for good purposes, there are also many who use them in completely wrong ways so don’t trust everything on the internet. Don’t trust the ideals of beauty that are forced, nor people who pretend to be perfect because no one is perfect.

Don’t despair if someone lives better than you because that doesn’t have to be the case at all. It’s normal to want to show the best parts of life on social media, but that doesn’t mean the bad ones don’t exist. Someone can announce how they bathe in an exotic location, and in the background be sad while someone can announce how they soak their feet in the basin and be the happiest ever. Someone can be a “star” on the Internet, and in real life a complex, awkward and unsuccessful person.

It’s all just apparent and fleeting anyway, from looks to status.

Of course, neither is out of the question, but it’s a problem if that’s all you have. The problem is if you only nurture the outside. You chase the glitter, and you rot inside.

Because at the end of the day, neither the number of likes nor the rules of conduct that should have been outdated long ago define you. We define ourselves by our decisions and choices – whether we will love ourselves regardless of others, regardless of the fact that we are not perfect; will we chase our dreams or will we survive; whether we will think with our head or we will obediently accept everything that is imposed on us.

Will we respect others even though we don’t understand them; will we be honest with others or will we show them only what they want to see; whether we will give them or take away hope for a better tomorrow and faith in humanity.

It is up to you. And on each of us, to at least try to choose what will be a step forward, not backward.

13 thoughts on “Our everyday stereotypes”

  1. Wow!!!! Very thoughtful. These are the things every one of us thinks about, like to do, or not to do. But, I am happy that you took a leap in the future and wrote out everything that a true woman or man should do.

    I loved the way you imagine things and simultaneously write it down. You are GOD GIFTED.

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  2. Such a great perspective to this topic. It’s always so important to live by the saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ We are all so unique and different. Yes, we share similarities but that’s what connects us as humans and we shouldn’t use that to stereotype or ostracize.

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