What are you most afraid of?

What fears do you nurture and create the present and the future based on them?

It is always extremely important to be honest with yourself.

Only in this way can one penetrate oneself and accept one’s fears, but also one’s virtues completely. Fear is uncomfortable, real, but unfortunately it never brings positive results. It only causes a delay, brings lasting consequences in the form of dissatisfaction and is often a huge blocking obstacle in the concretization of the manifestation of the realization of one’s ambitions.

Some of my friends are afraid to start living their dream because they don’t grow up in a stimulating environment. Some are afraid to bounce because of the opinions of the environment. Some are simply afraid to admit to themselves what they really want, from life, from themselves and again mostly out of fear of the environment.

Waiting for the approval of the environment to do beautiful and quality things for ourselves is sabotage that is not pleasant. Fear can permeate anyone who begins a different path than before, but fear alone should not be nurtured as a possible response in every segment of life you work on.

The worst thing is to allow yourself to create a lifestyle from the domain of fear, despair, hopelessness.

There is no creative expressiveness, unity and true power of success in this loop. Neither thoughts nor emotions, associated with battle, soul, willpower, power of creation, and thus deeds that lead to happiness, knowledge, well-being, self-knowledge, self-confidence and self-esteem, appear in fear.

When you penetrate the fears that hinder and nurture you, let them not be the starting point for the manifestation of the life that pleases you, that you strive for and that you dream of. It leaves him behind, because fear is a great paralyzer when nurtured, it brings no benefit, neither short-term nor long-term, and ultimately obscures the goal and distracts from dreams, by taking away willpower.

Fear does not allow intuition, inspiration and creativity to come to life and definitely prevents any progress you want to experience.

When you discern or even better list the fears that rule over you, ask yourself honestly what you expect from yourself.
What do you really want?
How could you achieve that?
What are the solutions that are already at your fingertips or in you?

What do you think you miss at this moment, to start realizing your dreams and relationships that make you happy?

Remember also what are the things you can truly be thankful for. Right now, right this minute. What things, people, emotions, deeds do you want more by your side, and which ones you will not miss if they are not in your lifestyle.

What do you actually fear the most in creating a better lifestyle, path or environment? When you realize at some point that you can create your life path and choices from the domain of fear, you will realize that you can and must create a lifestyle from the domain of creativity. Don’t hesitate to work on yourself. It’s worth it!

8 thoughts on “What are you most afraid of?”

  1. I think fear can be both beneficial and unhelpful. Fear is good to keep us from leaping into dangerous situations, but it can also have the unintended side-effect of preventing us from taking calculated risks.

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  2. My fear is not so much related to fears of creating a better lifestyle, path or environment. Ever since I’ve been a mom, my biggest fears have been related to my little daughter, depending on what times we live in.
    Interesting article, I was happy to read it!

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  3. I don’t worry or have fear about my future, because I would love to enjoy each moment of it. But my fears would be more of family, wishing that no one would be seriously ill.

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