It’s easiest to take it out on someone, but what if you’re going to be the one drop that spills over the glass?

I have a question. Yes, I am one of those who first say they have a question instead of asking right away. I’m working on it. Unsuccessful, but I’m working. They say being aware of a problem is already halfway there, but there are so many problems we should be aware of…

But the question. Have you ever felt bad? But the bad thing is that you don’t even know where to start. I believe that you have. We were all simply lost at some point in our lives. How many people have you talked to honestly and cruelly about this problem? But that you have completely opened your soul. Maybe with one or two, if that.

It is true that we do not want to bother people with those real problems that bother us, and realistically, when you open your soul you are especially vulnerable. No one likes to be vulnerable. It is also true that many are not interested in our real problems because they have their own. We get a little annoyed with each other and that’s it, most of the time we don’t go into the depths. Sometimes we don’t even know what the real problem is because again, most of the time we don’t go into the depths even with ourselves.

All we know at that point is that we are not okay. We feel that our energy is not right. We pile up problems inside ourselves and stuff them into drawers until we start going crazy over the little things and waiting for a drop to spill over the glass.

I would stop here because I am not a psychologist and I do not know how to help except to tell you that the answer is in you. I stop because this is not a text about self-help, nor about self-pity.

I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that at one point in your life you were, or maybe are, at the bottom without anyone knowing it. Now imagine how many more such people are around you. Maybe the happiest one is fighting his demons. Maybe even that girl who never talks much. Maybe the weird one that doesn’t fit into this world at all. Maybe that girl who is always there for others. Maybe. You can never know for sure.

But there is one thing you can always do.

You can always be good to others. I know, according to some people it is really difficult to be a good person, but believe me, it is precisely such people who need kindness and warmth the most. You can always be polite to others. Sometimes one “Good day!” And a smile are enough to brighten someone’s day.

We are neither aware of how much we can influence others nor how big a trifle can be. We are not even aware of how much change one right word can make at the right time. There doesn’t even have to be words, sometimes it’s enough for people to know that we’re there for them and that we’re willing to listen to them even though we don’t understand what they’re going through.

So be a good person. Accept those you don’t understand. It’s easiest to laugh and make fun of something you don’t understand. Say it nicely if you disagree with something. It is easiest to shout and insult.

The easiest way to take it out on someone, but what if in that moment they are struggling with their own demons? What if you’re going to be the one drop to spills their glass?

Have you ever thought about that?

5 thoughts on “It’s easiest to take it out on someone, but what if you’re going to be the one drop that spills over the glass?”

  1. Sometimes we get caught up in our own worries, stresses or pain that we can lash out or aren’t as kind as we may usually be — and sometimes that’s part of healing — but if we can remember that everyone has something they are dealing with it could help reduce adding something negative to someone else’s day — this won’t always be realistic but it’s a good place to start. I loved reading your thoughts on this — thank you for sharing!

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