What do you think, is silence always golden?

We have all heard the old saying that silence is gold. But is it really so nowadays, or at any time? How much can silence help us, and how much has it hindered us?

Revolutions did not rise by silence from protest, nor by standing still. Likewise, the changes that take place throughout life do not take place slowly, quietly and imperceptibly, but violently, loudly, with lightning speed. Where silence rests, our fears of jumping into the world, showing our true face, are hidden.

We are all heroes, when it comes to what we stand for with words, but, practicing that silence too much, we forgot to act, we hid so that we would not be swallowed by darkness. How much are we heroes then, when we do not know how to say what bothers us, change what suffocates us, point out to others their shortcomings, say no to violence, misery, theft, trouble?

Are we worthy of this life we live, if we crawl on the ground fearing our own shadow, if we use silence as an excuse for inaction?

We crawl through columns and rows, thinking that someone else will do what is needed to balance everything and make the world a nicer place to live. We don’t have time today, someone else will definitely have it. Someone will stop somewhere, look around, help strangers, those next to whom we once walked, without looking away.

Someone will wave a magic wand, to remove all the mighty injustice inflicted on all beings. Someone will be fighting for jobs while we sit at home and think about how much we have actually helped just by thinking in that direction. Will it, really?

What do we teach our children by going through life as blind travelers? Why do we teach them not to raise their voices, when something is being done to their and our detriment?

Too much silence leads to a society of fear, wrapped in its own cocoon, unable to take care of itself, let alone others. People who will just talk and whine, but are not used to doing anything. They are waiting for Godot, hoping to save them and lift them from the bottom where they are.

Who to wait for, why wait, why not act?

Why not say NO to all those ugly things they impose on us, say NO to those people who exhaust us? Why not say YES to life, the way we want to live it. Say YES to courage, boldness, dreams, hard work, perseverance, enthusiasm, positivity?

It’s easier to say no. It is easier to walk on beaten paths, which were cut by others, so that we, too, could slip silently, leaving no traces in time. Because, it’s not important to leave a mark, it’s important not to bother during your life, when we’re not going to keep our head on our shoulder anyway, is it?

It is easier to leave the helm to those, who use the opportunity to realize themselves by going over others. It’s easier than an ostrich to push its head into the sand because you don’t care what’s going on inside of you, let alone around you.

What a sad humanity, soaked in false hope and distorted ideals. What sad shadows every day, which in material riches seek a way out of the nightmare of the soul, not recognizing what tears them in half and turns them into walking dead.

Snap out of it, you sleeping human being, while you’re alive, while the blood is still flowing in your veins, though too slow and steady. Inflate yourself with enthusiasm and the possible, instead of eating the impossible every day. Make your dreams come true by turning them into something achievable, but be aware of the price you will pay. Let that price not be close to these people, let that price not be your peace.

Expect miracles and the impossible, the unexpected. Live your life by showing your teeth to it every day, looking for more challenges rather than hiding yourself from it.

And remember one thing, silence is not gold to those who fight for their bare life. Silence is not gold to those who carried terrible misfortunes on their shoulders. Silence is not gold, neither to me nor to you, because silence does not change much, it does not affect people like a penetrating scream and a lesson.

Defend your sanctuary with silence, sometimes distance yourself from the world with silence, in order to understand your core. But do not use silence as the only weapon in the fight against injustice. Because, there are many who did not know their voice, waiting for you and me, to do it for them.

If you can shake mountains, connect worlds, prevent everyday injustice by being a light and support to someone, be that without hesitation.

The world needs people who will at any imposed NO, create a gateway to YES. The world needs people who will make movements, create a more beautiful tomorrow, believe in the impossible.

Raise your voice, do something useful every day, help, and above all be a human in the true sense of the word and show others the way by your example.

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