Believe in yourself! If you believe you can – you will find a way!

I never dreamed of becoming a doctor. Or a hairdresser. Or a teacher. Although the dice in my head settled over time, I didn’t have a special vision as a child, what I would like to do in life.

But I think, even then, I did know how I wanted to work.

As in life, in important things, I have some unusual happiness, a few years ago, when I started blogging I met a very special human being, who gave it confirmation. And to me it has become, a business and private inspiration;

Young Marta,

never stop learning! People who think they know everything generally know very little. Don’t be one of those! Watch what you read and who you listen to. Choose your teachers carefully. In time, you will find out for yourself who is a “dangerous” copy and who is a credible original.

The Internet offers you many options. Use it for instructive things. From every person you meet, try to learn something new. Something you didn’t know until then. Be aware of your qualities, but also of what you can work on. Just so your flaws can become your advantage!

Whenever you have the opportunity, transfer your knowledge, do it. Your job, it’s not just to achieve a financial result, it’s also your job to inspire your employees to do what they thought they weren’t capable of doing. Only the best “teachers” create talented “teachers”. Let the development of such talents become a part of your business culture.

Don’t be afraid of competition! That your “student” will outgrow you over time. Don’t skimp on your knowledge because of that. The competition is good. She makes you grow. To be better. Do not, out of fear, surround yourself with people who do not have the capacity or the will to think! Sneakers without cover. Remember that people who lick, gossip and put their feet up, do it for a reason. They cover thus, their ignorance or laziness. If you have the opportunity, get away from those! Top results, come with top people. People are the basis of everything!

Ask your “students” for a result, but don’t forget to praise, reward, and make them feel worthwhile. That they are an essential part of the team. Everyone wants to feel wanted. Important. Create a “socializing” routine with them. Have a coffee together or take a lunch break. Comment on the task, which you have successfully completed. Celebrate together.

Make an effort to meet the people you work with. Find out what matters to them. What do they care about. What dreams they have. The more you look at them as human beings, the more you will understand them, the happier they will come to work, the more they will trust you, the more they will “care”.

Believe in yourself! If you keep saying that something is impossible, it will probably become so. If you believe you can do something, you will find a way. That is why faith is important.

And remember this, young Marina, this is the most important thing; be an example! Whether at work or privately! Don’t expect from others, what you don’t give yourself! Not from his children, not from friends, not from co-workers. If you want respect, give it! If you want devotion, give it! If you want accuracy, give it! If you want a result, give it! Be the change you want to see in others! Your behavior will be mapped to the behavior of your children, your friends, your co-workers. Look at the people around you. That’s you!

Never think that you are above them, that you are better than others, that what is valid for you is not valid for others!

Instead, inspire!

Keep dreaming. And the more you dream, the bigger your dreams, the more important it will be who surrounds you. So surround yourself with People!

Thank you Mr. M.P! It is a pleasure to know People like you!

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