You can mask a face, but never a character

I drink coffee and think about what to write about. As always, I have a lot of topics, and none of them are that to me. And so I go from topic to topic, I open Instagram a little bit, I get into the stories, I get annoyed in a second and it clicks to me that actually all the topics I’ve considered have one thing in common.


For months, if not a year, I have been following woman B copying woman A. I intentionally started with B because the copy will never be A. Purely not to be confused. And I know I’m stupid because I follow it at all, but once you connect and figure it out, you can’t help but see. It’s a little fun though most of the time you just lose your nerve and hope in the human race.

But never mind. Let’s let go of my diagnosis now and get back to the topic.

Woman A is quite original and authentic and it literally bursts out of her. You know those women who seem to have it written on their foreheads, “I love myself the way I am, I’m a queen, I’m going to live life by my own rules, don’t get bored!”

But woman B… So my people, I understand that someone is your muse and simply inspires you, or as long as you like something “someone else’s” so you do the same, you eventually adjust a little to yourself and that’s it. All good. I don’t mind, we all do it sometimes because my God, you can’t always be original, you have to help yourself a little on the side.

But while copying photos, poses, style, effects, story content, hairstyles, makeup for Instagram… That’s not normal, for the love of God. And I met that woman B and she really never clicked as a person to me because it always seemed to me that everything she dose is just to impress others, and I really don’t like that.

And the point is not that I don’t like woman who are like B because 100 people, 100 desires. Some love her, some don’t. Some love me, some don’t and so on in a circle. It doesn’t matter and nobody cares.

The point is that there are two profiles in front of me; of a similar style, aesthetics and “exterior”, and yet… I admire one, and the other I am a little disgusted by.

The point is that you can put on makeup, dress nicely and pose nicely, but you can never disguise your character, energy, charisma and personality. Absolutely never.

The point is that you are not really defined by what is seen from the outside but by what you carry within you.

The point is that if you have to copy another person just to feel better about yourself… You have a really big problem. In fact, you have a few problems. The first is that you won’t get rid of your complexes that way, and the second is that you can never know who loves you the way you are because that someone only sees your mask anyway.

What will happen when you take off that same mask? Do you even have the courage to do something like that?

I like to say that I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet people of all possible statuses, positions, life stories and backgrounds at a very early age. From directors of successful companies to “ordinary mortals and workers.” From beautiful to ugly. From popular to rejected.

I’ve learned that it absolutely doesn’t matter who they are, what they are and how they look outward. I have learned that there are good and bad people among all classes and positions. Because we are all just people at the end of the day.

Each of us can stand behind our achievements and beautiful aesthetics, but it all falls into the water if we rot inside. While someone less successful and less beautiful can be adored because good energy bursts from him.

So if you already want to feel better about yourself, popularity on Instagram or a lot of money won’t really help you with that.

They can also help you in the business world with paying bills even though it’s not necessary if you don’t know what you’re doing. But for luck…But for happiness … for happiness you have to work a little harderon it, arrange the head and live your life.

It’s hard, I know, but no one even said it would be easy.

8 thoughts on “You can mask a face, but never a character”

  1. Yes, absolutely agree. Why be a second class version of someone else if you can be a first class version of yourself? 🙂 Love your blog. Best wishes droom the Netherlands.

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  2. When I first got started in the world of social media and blogging, I felt like I had to try to be a bit of someone that I’m not in order to fit the image of what a blogger ‘should be’. That was years ago… Since then, I have discovered who I am and I LOVE being able to just be myself without worrying about whether or not I’m measuring up to some ridiculous standard. Each and every one of us is unique in our own way. Don’t fight it, embrace it and let your true self shine!

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