Bad environment is the biggest killer of potential

I was a creative child, a little girl in love with art. I drew more than I talked because it was easier for me. I could shape the world according to my own rules and paint it with my own colors. Sometimes that world would be black and white, and sometimes colorful, but it was mine.

I used to take clay and make figurines. Sometimes I would shape easier and sometimes harder, but I would shape. That passion of mine eventually fell into some tenth plan as life happened and veered in the other direction. I replaced the study of colors with the study of people, and the shaping of figurines with the shaping of the world within and around me.

Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, I also shape the people around me. It’s not that I have some superpower but that’s how we function. We are all clay – some are shaped easier, some harder, but we are all shaped by the environment we are surrounded by.

We are shaped by every friend who goes through our lives. Some stay, but most of them just pass. From internal jokes we come to shy greetings on the street, not knowing whether to hug them in the name of the good old days or just continue on our way, to some new and maybe better times.

They shape us from the beginning. We are shaped by the experience of meeting, recognizing and coexisting. Each of them carries a lesson with them. At best, they teach us to choose the people who suit us and to love them with all their flaws. They teach us values ​​like compassion, patience and courage. Or they teach us how to love ourselves and see in ourselves the potential they see in us.

In the worst case, they drag us to the bottom with them and leave us to squirm with ourselves. They teach us that we are not worthy of a better life and that we must always put other people’s wishes ahead of our own. They teach us that it’s okay to be shit and step on others.

And well, it passes. Eventually we open our eyes and decide to move away. Or we simply outgrow each other and lose a common point for no reason. But we are no longer the same clay we were in the beginning. We are shaped and you can try as hard as you want and try to get back to the original shape, but you never will.

More or less experience, everyone shapes you into something you are about to become.

Especially when it comes to something as painful as breaking up a friendship. If you ask me, it’s more painful than breaking up an a realationship.

Ah, ties… Another thing that can either give you wings or tie you in chains. Maybe both. You can come across the wrong person, get lost in love and see while the damage has already been done. You can be the one to do the damage and regret it years later. But it is very likely that these memories will transform you into a better and wiser person.

You may get lucky and find the “right one” right away, but we all know it’s a little too easy and too good to be true. You must first learn what love is and what is good and what is bad. So don’t worry – you don’t have to have a husband and children under 25.

And the environment really likes to impose on us what we have to and what we don’t have to, right?

The problem is that it can be both good and bad because it shapes us anyway.

The problem is while girls are forced to think that they are not worth it and that they have not fulfilled their female duty if they do not want children. If this is repeated to the girl enough times, she will be sure of it. She will not seek happiness in herself but in others. They will measure their value through others which absolutely no one should do.

The problem is while some authority belittles you and tells you to stop dreaming because you just weren’t born under a lucky star, and those things are just for that. A killer of potential is not a lack of happiness but a bad environment that convinces you that you have no potential.

The problem is an environment that laughs at everything that is different and that makes people hide in their four walls. The problem is because it all shapes us – every sneer, every ugly word and every wrong look. It may teach us to become more resilient, and it may break us to the end. 100 people, 100 moods.

I don’t know how to change people, much less the environment, but I can choose who I want to be surrounded by and how much. And so can you.

You can get away from a bad relationship, a bad friend, and a bad boss. You can always get the best out of a lesson. You can choose an environment in which you will see all your strength and beauty and which will not tie you with chains but will let you fly. You can choose carefully as if your life depends on it – because it really depends.

You too can be that good environment and good influence. You can lead by example and be the person you want to be around you. Because you know, not only do you shape yourself but you also shape the people in your life.

13 thoughts on “Bad environment is the biggest killer of potential”

  1. Our environment does shape our perspective and our beliefs indeed. However, we can choose a different perspective and follow another path. If we can learn something positive then we can unlearn something negative. Great post

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  2. The people around us and our environment really do shape us, and many of us give up on dreams because of that. Sometimes we might return to those dreams later in life, when we are wiser but more often I think people stay in mire because society tells them that’s the way it is. It’s good you’re speaking out about this; too often we ignore these truths because we think we can’t do anything about it but we can. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I work from home and I have trived professionally sice swiching from office work environment to home work environment. I have the freedoom to make my own work space and to choose my own work time. No more somebody breathing down my neck or asking me how to do this or that. So if the work at home is done right and if it is organized right one can grow so much professionally and personaly

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