Do what you want because you will never satisfy everyone anyway

Look, don’t worry at all about what you’re doing and whether you’re doing well because you’ll never win anyway. There will always be some Karen who will blame you for absolutely everything.

I’d rather stop there because it’s all said, but why be simple if it can be complicated? Why should Karen be silent if she can just tell you you’re stupid even though you may not be? Well she has a right to her own opinion.

I love how people like to invoke their rights to opinions, choices, attitudes this and that, and then shit on everyone who does the same.

Well then you get various persons that we will not advertise and who tell you how they can tell you that you are a killer if you support (or, God forbid, you decide for) abortion because it is their right. They HAVE THE RIGHT to have such an opinion, but YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to decide or support it because it contradicts someone’s beliefs and a questionable moral compass. They have the right to decide how they will behave, what decisions and conclusions they will make, and how they will deal with those same decisions, but you have no right to any of that.

Do you understand? They have the right, but these do not. No sense, I know.

There will always be someone who thinks your right to an opinion is less valuable than his and that is just one of the reasons why you will never win.

The second reason is that we really all have the right to our opinion and that none of them is completely identical.

You can be a “perfect woman” who is chaste, cultured, always well-groomed and smells nice, never swears, smiles modestly and talks in a pleasant tone. Of course, there will be at least one person who will tell you something like – “Well, relax a little, you’re stiff and act like there is a stick in your ass.”

Well then you think about how you could really relax and unleash a little because you live once. You put on a red dress on Friday, show skin a bit, strip your legs, laugh honestly and weigh a handsome guy while you see him. Well, it’s not good again. You’re really overreacting now. You look top and I am drooling as I look at you, but get dressed, stop being vulgar and act more normal, what’s the matter with you?

I’m telling you, nothing’s good.

It is not good if you decide to build a career first and only then think about starting a family because then you are a cold-blooded bitch who will never be fulfilled in her life. It is not good even when you have children at the age of 20, because then you are a woman with backward thoughts who will never live in life, so in 20 years she will be a frustrated rag.

It is not good even if you manage to be young and successful at the same time, a family and business woman, beautiful and smart, open-minded and with standards. With all that, you manage to go to the gym three times a week, take care of your diet, have a social life and volunteer in five associations. It’s not good because there will always be some Karen who will say you just walked over beds to get to it all.

Yes Karen, now she’s just waiting to get in to yours and she’s achieved all the goals in her life. She can die.

Nothing will ever satisfy everyone around you, so fuck it all and make sure you’re happy with yourself. Choose a quiet life, a turbulent life, a promiscuous life, a chaste life, whatever. It is important that it suits you.

Be quiet, loud, organized, spontaneous, innovative, traditional. Do everything according to the rules or test the limits and those same rules. Do whatever you want and be whatever you want.

You can’t win with people, but neither can they beat you if you take away their right to decide about your life.

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