Cora Aylwin – Character study “The Secret Keeper”

Cora is the middle child of Dora and Alexander Aylwin and a younger sister of Alexis. Cora is an opposite of he sister. She is sweet, kind and a rule follower. Cora is the her sisters rational part and has an ability to talk some kind of sense in to Alexis. Only thing the both girls had in common was their sharp mind that could see big pictures from little pieces.

Cora looked like a porcelain doll then a witch. She had big blue eyes with a bit of opal mixture in the irises and her hair was almost white with a silver glow. Both the eye color and the hair color represented her main element, which was the wind. She was a wind witch with a earth element to go with it. She could summon tornados or make earthquakes if she wanted too. In the witches world she was one of the most common elemental witch there was. And as Cora was connected to Earth element she was a very good potion maker. She knew which herb does what and how to mix them to make medicine or potions.

Then Cora opened the porch door and snapped her fingers and the wind came in and blow the candles out.

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Cora’s best friend is Hannah and they have been inseparable since they were two as they live next door to each other. In the book Cora has a love interest, it’s Phillip’s older brother Evan. They do get together eventually in a middle of the book. Their first date is one to remember, as they were trying to hide from Marcus, Evan’s best friend and Cora’s older cousin.

The rest of the date went in the blink of an eye; few times they had to hide because they saw Marcus and Vivian walking their way. Cora persuaded Evan to dance with her, but he wasn’t very good at it, so they fast finished that and moved on to the candy shop. Evan loved it, she was the girl he wanted and now there she was with him, laughing, hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. This date couldn’t go any better. For the rest of the night she was his and they were in their own little world away from all the others.

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

As I said Cora manipulates the wind and the earth elements and because of the, like Alexis has tattoos over her body. All over her back there is an unicorn tattoo that represents the wind. The unicorn has an opal glow to it as the opal is a wind’s gem stone. Also unicorn is a myth animal that protected good witches. Around her arms there were tree branches, wild cheery ones that represented the earth element that Cora could control. As of the end of the book Cora also got a gift to see Auroras that surrounded people. It still unknown if she will get to control anymore elements.

“I see Auroras now, you all glowing like Christmas lights. Until I learn to control it, the glasses stay on.” – said Cora

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Even thought Cora is sweetest one in the group she is very strong and fierce and is not afraid to use her power when she needs to. When an evil Vygora threatens to kill her and those closest to her, she with the help of her sister does a very complicated and dangerous spell to save them all. The power the both girls posses even scares the old witches and warriors as they are too young to have that much control over the elements. The sisters made the elements dance with each other as nobody ever did.

“As I was saying, before I got rudely interrupted. What you did, yes it was all what you girls said, but it was the most controlled use of the fourth elements I ever saw. It was an explosion of magic. Of course I wasn’t there, but I saw from our porch what you two did. I never in my life, and believe me I had pliantly of lives, saw the elements so happy and eager to work with each other. From our porch it looked like a dance of fire, wind, water and earth. I never meet a witch or witches who could control all four as much as you two controlled them. It was like they were just waiting for you to command them all. What you did, yes it was stupid and dangerous, but still it was the most amazing, most beautiful and most magical thing I saw.” – said Dora and smiled at her daughters

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

In the next few books Cora will discover that she is much stronger then she first thought, and even more rational then her emotional driven sister Alexis. Cora will find her self in more dangerous situation then in any of her past lives. Her rational thinking was be in conflict with what her heart is telling her to do. She will find her self fighting not only the monsters of her world, but the monsters that live deep inside of her. Also as most of the hidden truths come out and the facts they have been thought come crashing down Cora will find her self on a crossroad where she will be forced to chose to follow the old or accept the new.

“Prepare yourselves my children because this is just the beginning.” – said the soft voice of the summer breeze and we all heard it loud and clear – “It is just starting.”

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

You can find out more about Cora in the book “The Secret Keeper” book 1. of the The tale of the witches series.

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  1. Cool post! You analyse Cora’s character well. Fantasy is not really my kind of genre. But I would like to draw an illustration of Cora. The way you describe Cora’s beauty is so interesting. Thank you for sharing this cool post. I really enjoy reading it.

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