Adam and Evan the Morety Twins – characters study “The Secret Keeper” book

Adam and Evan are third and fourth child of Ana and Slaven Morety. They are twins. Adam is 5 minutes older then Evan and he reminds his brother every chance he gets about that. They are Phillip’s older brothers and best friends with Marcus Alexis Aylwin. They also have a crush on Alexis and Cora. Even thought they are twins, they do not look anything alike.

One was light the other one was dark. One had gray silvery hair, the other had pitch black hair with a bluish glow. Even their eye color was different. Adam had green eyes with a bit of brown in the irises and Evan’s eyes were deep sea blue with golden flecks in them. They were almost eighteen years old and went to the third grade of the local high school. They attended the same class as Marcus did. They both were tall and fit, mostly because they played both basketball and soccer for the school’s team. Basketball was a obvious choice because of their height, but soccer was in their blood. Their dad was a goalie when he was in school. They were, as the girls say, handsome and one of the most popular at school. Because of this, they were very cocky at times. Even thought they did not look like they did act and think alike.

“You two are definitely twins.” – Phillip said

Adam and Even looked at each other and said: “Of course we are. Can’t you tell just by looking at us?”

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija
Adam Morety

The best thing about them was that they were jokers. They used to joke with everything and everything, even with themselves. The critics did not really touch them, they blew away the opinions of others. They knew how to roll their eyes at the comments fantastically, their mom told them that one day their eyes would stay glued to the back of the skull if they continued. They continued. They had their own internal jokes that only the two of them understood and they chuckled like hyenas at them.

They loved partying with everyone. The parties that the two of them prepared were of epic proportions, attended by everyone from all three high schools in the city. Quite a number of times they used to be in trouble with their parents because of that. The penalties just kept coming from week to week. It’s not like the two of them cared too much about it. They often got into trouble with Marcus at school. They have been about to be expelled from school more times than anyone else, but because they were athletes and excellent students the school just gave in to them.

“For God sake, we just had a party last weekend.” – Phillip said and got a questionable look from his brothers

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Because with all these qualities, Adam and Evan were quite smart and cunning. They quickly concluded things, from small parts they saw a big picture with lightning speed. Math and physics went hand in hand with them. In fact, all subjects that require analytical or logical reasoning. They were skilled both with their hands and making things. Adam once said that looking at sketches and numbers is like putting puzzles together, everything sits nicely in its place. They didn’t like injustice or when someone was harassing someone weaker than themselves or harassing girls.

Evan Morety

They dressed, one would say motoristic, even though they didn’t have motorcycles. Leather jackets, black color and rip jeans. They smoked, drank and just enjoyed life to the fullest.

They do start dating the Aylwin sisters even thought Marcus, the sisters cousin, is not happy about that. It is not that Marcus did not like Evan and Adam, they are best friends, is the fact that Marcus knows how Evan and Adam treat the girls they date. Marcus knows that, even thought the twins will not admit that are in fact fuckboys. Do not worry they will have nothing but respect for Alexis and Cora when they start to date. One of the reasons for that is that the girls are so much different then any other girl they ever met.

“That women is nuts.” – Adam said grinning

Adam on Alexis “The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Outside Cora and Evan were walking to the small town where we lived and chatting along the way. The night was cold and fresh with new snow crackling under their feet that went like harmony with their soft laughs.

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Same as Phillip as a result of hanging with the Aylwin sisters, something inside them starts to change , the hidden, dormant cells inside of their own blood being to wake up changing them from the inside. But slower then it happened to Phillip. After the boys are forced to fight with their best friend the changing process inside of them is completed and they on everybody’s surprise became the warriors they were always meant to be.

Your blood is strong. They will have to bend the rules for you all. You belong in their world more than in the world of your parents.

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

By the end of the book both Evan and Adam have to grow up very quickly as their whole world changed by one horrific event. Along side Phillip they discover secrets about their own family history that have been changed and altered by false facts and fake stories hiding the real truth from generations and generations.

“What you mean we are bound to you all?” – asked Phillip looking from Adam to Evan who both looked confused as he was

“Well, his wolf has red eyes, which means fire eyes, and fire is my main element. He is my warrior now.” – said Alexis pointing at Adam – “Evan’s dragon has opal eyes, which means wind eyes and wind is Cora’s main element. He is her warrior. And you, your tiger has green eyes, which means earth eyes, Springs main element. You my friend are her warrior.”

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Unexpected gain of magic in teens who were not born into a Magic world and a rise of one of the warrior houses that has been lost, tells the old magical family’s that something big and scary is going to happen soon and you can find out what in the links below by buying the book.

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  1. Wow……Adam & Evan are super-hot twin brothers! They reminded me of the Salvatore brothers in Vampire Diaries. Btw, I like reading your post on character studies. It gives me knowledge and ideas to develop my own characters. Thank you for sharing this with me. Keep on the good work.

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