Vesna “Spring” Roserie – characters study “The Secret Keeper” book

“In you two I will have sisters forever.” – said Alexis hugging Hannah and Spring so tightly

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzja

Vesna aka. Spring is the next door neighbor of Alexis and Cora. Spring lives left of them. Spring is Alexis’s age and are in the same class in high school. They are friends since they were born, as the sisters mom is friends with Spring’s mom.

Spring has bond hair, well her hair has a color of faded gold and comes to half of her back with shorter layers in the front that frames her oval shaped face. She also has eyes in lightest shade of blue, almost to the point that they are white or gray. She is not tall as Alexis is, but you would not call her short also. She is an average height for a sixteen year old girl. She is very lean and fit, mostly because she has been doing ballet since she was four years old. She has been dreaming of becoming a professional ballerina someday.

“But can you do this?” – Spring asked a soccer player who was talking how girls can not physically endure a soccer training and lifted her self on her big toes, ballerina style and did seven or eight pirouettes, Alexis lost count, ending in a prefect ballet form – “Anybody can run with a ball, girls do it all the time, but try lifting your body weight on your toes and see if you physically endure that jerk.”

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Spring is funny, flirty and over confident in everything she does. She knows how pretty she is and she knows how to use it. Her personality matches Alexis to the point that some people think they are real sisters. She is wild and free, and doesn’t play by the rules. She can talk her self out of any situation and she does that with such charm and wit. She is the very intelligent, with a very high IQ, it’s 150. The school measured it when they discovered that she can solve problems above her grade level in a split second. Only her best friends know that. Phillip finds out later in the book and is impressed by it. She hates Math, even thought she understands it very well. She hates studding in general and gets bored in school.

“Wow, you are really good at that Spring.” – said Phillip as Spring showed him how to solve math problems quicker then with the method the professor showed them

“Thanks. Its not that big of a deal Phillip. I have a high IQ, I see numbers and problems as somebody sees words on the page. To me this all makes perfect sense.” – said Spring smiling at Phillip

“Why hide it” – asked Phillip

“It is easier to play dumb, blond girly girl who giggles. People are scared of smart and strong women and also I do not need to prove my worth to anybody. I know who I truly am and how much I am worth. People who really care about me know it too.” – said Spring felling very reviled that somebody else can see her as Alexis, Cora and Hannah see her.

Spring is loyal and brave to the fault. She cares deeply about her friends and would do anything for them. She was not born to a magical family, but as all those that are around Alexis and Cora, Spring too will get to control an element. She will be become a Earth witch. Some of you might have guessed that as her real name is Vesna and Vesna is a Slavic Goddess of Spring. With all of the mention virtues Spring will adapt to her new world faster then any of her friends, because to her the world of Alexis and Cora is her natural one.

“Does it always do that?” – asked Spring

“Yes as the magic grows in you so will your tattoo.” – said Cora

“So it will get bigger?” – asked Spring

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Springs love interest is Phillip, as she is his, but even thought they both are very smart when it comes to love and seeing the obvious they are stupid. Every signal one or the other is sending will go over their head and they will not act on it until almost the end of the first book. It was uncertainty of the next day and what would it bring that made Spring act on her feelings for Phillip.

“Shhh… Don’t mess this up with words…” – said Spring and took his face in to her hands looking straight in to his eyes. Aya was right, it was love Spring saw in them. A love for her.

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

A fun fact about Vesna “Spring” Roserie, she is a daughter of a former Christian priest and a former nun, who fell in love while they were serving in a same church, when the nun became pregnant they exited the church and the order, got married and had a child. Her parents never regretted their decision to do so. Spring grow up with so much love from her parents and know how true love looks like. Her mom and dad showed that love to each other every day. The last name Roserie is a form taken from a word Rosary and it refers to a set of prayers used in the Catholic Church and to the string of knots or beads used to count the component prayers. As they all live in a very small town with a very conservative community Spring was referred as a Scarlet child by some of the older towns people. Phillip’s mom, for example, tolerates Spring because of her sons, but doesn’t like her as she is a child of a priest and a nun. Only ones who genuinely like and care about Spring’s family are Aylwin family and Hannah’s family, who are different nationality then the rest of the town.

“Since I was a little girl people of this town treated my parents and me as garbage. Old hags in the town square would spit on me to chase me away as I was a devil’s offspring. My own grandmother called me the Scarlet child, kind of cute when you know what Scarlet letter is.” – said Spring rolling her eyes – “I have ticker skin then you know. I really do not care what anybody thinks of me. They all are so irrelevant to me. So they can talk all they want behind my back, because my back is only thing they will see.”

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

As Spring gets an element to control, she quickly adapts to her new reality, but something inside of her is telling her that the Earth element is not the only thing in her, that she has something more inside and that the power is wanting to get out. Like all around the characters of this trilogy Spring will learn things that were hidden inside and all around her, that there is more to her then a human girl who was rejected because of her parents mistakes who just got lucky and gained the power of elemental magic.

Spring opened her palm and a greenish light came out of it. She only ever saw Alexis manipulate fire with out the source like that. Spring closed her palm and the light was gone, she opened the other one and the same thing happened. With that Spring knew that what ever she was, what ever she is, and what ever she was going to become will come with more power and more magic then anybody ever saw. Behind her Alexis watched as Spring played with the greenish light, as the little stings of earth magic swirled around Springs fingers and wrists. In that moment Alexis knew that Spring and her were connected on more levels then just the friendship they shared. Turning around Spring spotted Alexis watching and let the green stings dance around the room while Alexis let her red strings form and join the green ones. Both girls looked at each other and smiled. They knew they were going to be alright as long as they have each other.

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Spring will just grow stronger and wiser as the trilogy continues and will find a deep hidden secret about her own ancestral blood line. She has the power to became what she was meant to be, she just needs to tap in to and accept the truth about her own destiny and her own past.

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