The Warrior Houses and Aya the wolf (Warriors guardian) – The tale of the witches series.

In the world of magic Witches warriors are one of the most common magical species after witches. Long ago there were around fifty warrior houses in this world, but constant wars among the magical society and then prosecution from non-magical society their number decreased enormously. Some were destroyed in the great war and others died out because there were no more new male offspring’s. Now only four houses remain.

Just a bit before the last great war, the warrior houses got the names of animals, because that is when the connection with animals started to manifest in both warriors and animals. Through out the series you will be introduce to many warriors guardians in shapes of many animals, some even thought to be extinct. In earlier history the houses had the last names of their warriors but as they started to be connected to animals the names changed with it.

As mention before now there are only four warrior houses. The House of the wolves run by Alexis and Cora’s dad Alexander Alexi Aylwin. The House of Eagles run by General Arnold Elvey Karin. The House of Dragons was in charge by General Drake Leavey Georgian and last but not least there was the House of Tigers whos head was General Len Ivanski Dunne, who looked like a perfect description of a warrior. All the Generals looked highly trained, strong and quick, and if they can deal large amounts of damage. Most of the Witches warriors looked very scary in a normal surroundings.

All the houses have training caps around the world where young and old warriors’ train in most mortal combat training and weapons’ that are obsolete in a modern human world, but are highly efficient in magical world.

Warriors in the books are faster, stronger and can endure more damage then non-magical humans. They can not do elemental magic but are trained in potion making as they are helpful in battle. They are also highly moral and have high sense of survival. Before they are married they are highly sexual and lust driven, a large amount of testosterone, but once they fall in love, get married and have children they are loyal to their partner and their family. And will remain loyal to just that witch for the rest of their lives.

As I said there are no new male offspring’s in The warriors community, but as of the last great war the warriors are reincarnated, same as the witches and most of the other magical population. And they do remember their old lives. This dose make living in a body of a seventeen old warrior much more difficult as they sometimes act childish and some time too old for their age.

They also have very strong connection to Angels, as they are direct descendants of them, and of a War God Svetovid, who created them to protect his wife Živa, the Goddess of love and fertility. That is an official version of their story, who would know what the real truth is, as you will find out as this story progresses. That things are not always as they have been thought through out the history.

All the warriors’ have strong connection to Earth and nature, especially the animals their houses were connected too. The House of the wolves being the larges one has the biggest population of Warriors guardians. Their guardians as the name suggested are wolf’s and you will meet one in the first book.


Aya the wolf is a female wolf saved by Hannah on the labor day camping trip. The wolf was attracted by something very dangerous, that killed her pup’s and left Aya to the death. Alexis will mention as Hannah heals the wolf that something very evil had to attack the wolf as the most of the magical species would not harm animals, especially guardians.

It was amazing to watch Hannah do her thing. By now the light that was coming from Hannah’s palms spread across wolfs whole body and it was glowing.

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

All Earth bound witches have ability to understand animals as all of those who are Earth bound.

It wasn’t weird that Spring understood what the wolf said, she controlled Earth and that gave her the power to understand and speak to animals. Then the wolf looked at Phillip, it was it was looking right in to his eyes and something happened and he could hear what the animal was talking.

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Aya forms a very strange connection to somebody very unexpected. It was strange because the person who Aya connected and became a guardian of was not a Witches Warrior, but an ordinary seventeen year old boy without a drop of magical blood in him.

“You see wolves, eagles, tigers and dragons, who don’t exist anymore, have a connection to witches warriors. They choose the warrior they will follow.” – said Alexis

“No, no. She will more than a pet, she will know when you need help. She is free, she will not wiggle her tale for you or play catch with you. Sometimes you won’t even see her for days, months or even years, but every time you need her she will show up. She may choose to stay with you all the time or she may choose to leave you tonight, but she will always know when she is needed. You can’t control her or do what you want with her, if you need her to do something you will have to ask her. Don’t worry she will understand you, even if you don’t understand her.” – said Alexis

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Through out the books there will be more guardians to meet, everyone very special and unique as the characters they chose as their equals. They will help them along the way and they will protect them form harm and evil lurking around.

Also through out the books our main characters will discover that houses they thought to be extinct are just hidden away because of their own protection by those who swore to protect and look after the magical world. Even in the first book we will find one of the lost houses in the warriors community that was just hidden and not lost. One of the great warriors house will rise from the ashes and will shift the tide of the events that will follow. Will the warriors be ready to change with the tide or will they lose them selves in twisted truths and false facts? Well you will just have to find out that for yourselves.

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