A bit of history about the witches form “The tale of the Witches” series – Witches houses

Once upon a time, all stories start like that, so this one will too.

Once upon a time, when gods and goddesses of old inhabited the Earth, they passed their time and created a world full of unique and beautiful creatures. Under the watchful eye of their parents Rod and Maya, their children roomed the world and created the world of magic.

Rod and Zhiva had 5 sons and 5 daughters. And each of their son’s was destined to one of their daughters. Don’t let this put you off, we are talking about mystical beings. Just remember the Greek mythology and you will get the picture. As I said each of their sons was destined to one of their daughters.

Their son Daobog (literally means God Gives), a god of spirit and the ones who gives life and their first born son was to marry Elips, a goddess of spirit and life, their first born daughter. Both Daobog and Elips were main God and Goddess on Earth and ruled over the Element of the spirit.

Svarog, the god of fire, and the second born male offspring was to marry Vesta, a goddess of fire and a second born female offspring. They ruled over the element of fire

Balto, their son was a third born son was named the God of sea and water and his life companion was Nun, the Goddess of the same things. All the rule over water was given to them.

Stribog and Vasilia were the forth born children of Rod and Maya and their were God and Goddess of Wind, sky and air. Their rule was over that element.

The youngest two were Mokosh and Gaia and their rule was over Earth(the element, not the planet). Even thought in Slavic Mythology Mokosh is a female and is a Mother Earth Goddess, to make the story better fit I made Mokosh a male god. Mokosh also means Moist 😀

All of the happy couples had many offspring’s with their own partners and many with other species that were on planet Earth, creating a very powerful society that worshiped The Element Gods.

Lust, vanity and overly big egos, with enormous power over the elements that surround the world were the main personalities of all the God’s and Goddesses’ and when you add jealousy in to that mix you get very fights among the couple’s.

Daobog was the only God who could create life from thin air, and while his sister and wife Elips, was the Goddess of life she could only grant life to those who ask, but could not create life out of nothing. Elips grow jealous of her husbands power to just create life when ever he wanted and accept women as payment for his effort. Elips with the help of her sisters (all five of them command the elements that make life) creates the spell that gives and creates life out of the little snowflake. A child was born out of that very unique snowflake in the middle of the winter deep in the Siberian forest. A girl child, never the least, with all of the Goddesses powers combined and with unseen beauty. Fearing for the child’s life the five Goddesses leave the girl on a door step of a human couple. They raise the child as their own along with their own children. All girls also and eight of them to be exact. Their names are Morana(a child that the goddesses created), Zora(meaning the morning child), Devana (a child of hunt, a huntress), Kupala (a joyful child), Perperuna (child born in rain), Karna (child born after death), Lelia/Vasilisa (a child with great mercy) and Ognyena (a child born of fire).

Morana (middle one with a blue dress) and her sisters Zora (red haired one), Devana (next to Zora), Karna (next to Devana and Morana), Perperuna (on Morana’s right), Kupala (the blond one) and Ognyena (red dress). Missing Leila/Vasilisa

The Goddesses visit the sisters and thought them what they knew, always keeping them hidden form the their husbands. All the girls showed a great power of elemental magic and except Morana, who could manipulate all the elements, other six girls only could master one or two elements.

Leila (Vasilisa) was 13 when she had to escape her home

One day a young son of Vesta and Svarog followed his mother and aunts to the forest and saw how they were teaching the young girls magic that was not to be thought to humans. He did not outed his mother, mostly because he loved her more then his father who was always absent, and because on that spot in a blink of the eye he fell in love with the oldest girl. He later did marry the girl, with a blessing of his mother and aunts. His wife did not have a happy ending, when the God’s found out what their wives did. The God’s punished the boy and took his only child with them, a baby girl who was just born. The rest of the sisters were hidden, by the Goddesses and those who they trusted the most.

From the seven remaining sisters witches society was born, along with the seven main witches houses. As they were hunted and prosecuted by those who did not understand what they were, the sisters formed the alliance with the warriors society who upon seeing that the sisters were very beautiful and powerful took upon them to protect them.

When Rod and Maya saw the messes and the troubles their children have caused on Earth they called them to the heaven. The witches were free now to practice their magic with out fear that the God will come and kill them off. Let’s say that the Heaven was not a peaceful place when all of these over grown egos were there. But that is another story for another time.

The seven sisters formed the seven houses and spread across the world. The seven houses still remain in the modern world, even thought some events happened and no new witches were born for the last five hundred years.

The Aylwin clan was created from Zora, who formed the House of the ladies and is a largest witches house in the world. The rest of the houses are House of the sky, House of the Stars, House of the Lake, House of the Sun, House of the sea and House of the moon. Most of the heads of those house have Romanian and Russian surnames, but the two draw their roots from Ireland and England. Dimir, Lazar, Ozera, Karin, Georgian, O’Dwyer and Aylwin were the last names of the houses. It was because most of the sisters stayed in Slavic parts of Europe, but Zora and Devana who moved to Old England and Ireland, merging Slavic and Celtic magic to make themselves more powerful and changing their last name so nobody could find them. All the sisters changed their last name so it would harder to find them.

Also the husbands of witches take their last names while leaving their own. Their children, the girls get just the mothers last name, but the boys get both of their parents surnames. It is believed that their society is matriarchal when the women have the last saying, but in fact is very democratic and equal when making decisions that concern the both societies. But when it comes to mater of the witches is the witches who make decisions and vice verse, warriors handle the matters of their own society among other warriors. Most of the time the both societies work together to benefit them all.

Like in all governments, because both Witches houses and Warrior’s houses are that, governments, there are frictions. Some get along very well, while others appose to everything. That is why the rule of majority is in place there. Every major decision is put to court and is voted on, by all the houses.

Most of the witches manipulate one or two elements, very really three or four and almost non of them have the power of all five. They get their first element when they turn thirteen and in most cases one more before they turn eighteen. Most common elements are wind and earth, as they have the most sources, water is next and fire is the most rarest. Spirit witches are thought to be extinct as that element is the most trickiest to manipulate and would make its users go mad. All the elements need a source to manipulate, as the witches thought. In the newest light some of the young witches have ability to create the element with out any source near them. It is also thought that no new witches will be ever born, just reincarnated, which when you read along the book will come to not be true and that there are hidden witches around the world, they just do not know it yet.

They can heal, do spells, potions, are very good with herbs and animals. They talk to the wind, understand earth, dance with fire and can walk on water. The witches are very passionate, sensual and emotion driven beings. Especially the fire witches, most of them act before they think and act on impulse. Wind and water witches are calmer and can extinguish the fire growing inside the fire witches very fast. That is why if in one family there is a fire witch the other sister will be a wind or water witch. Like Alexis (Fire witch) and Cora (Wind witch).

The wind is changing in the whole magical society and it is not bringing better things. Will the houses be united or will they too break apart like the world, well you need to read the book?

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