A brief history about Elemental Magic and the world within the world. “The tale of Witches series” – Part One – Magical Species

There always was magic around the world. There were always witches and warriors and fairies and other who can do unimaginable. All around us there were always those who did the elements bidding and influenced this world. For long it was hidden away from the normal eye, it creeped away in the shadows and in the night, but never the least it was more beautiful and colorful then the world of ordinary humans.

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

In the last post about The tale of Witches series I wrote a bit of the history of this world. There was always magic around. Rod and Maya sent their children to roam the Earth and create the world. Their ten children created every magical species in the world, including the witches. Witches were created by a spell that five major Goddesses preformed.

Daobog with the help of every other God and Goddess created other species’ too. We have Angels and Daemons who inhabited Heaven and Underworld(Hell). Angels were fully created just by Daobog and Elips. Daemons were Angels who choose to follow the Lord of the underworld Vales when he rebelled against Daobog and Elips. That is how official story goes. And you already know that nothing is like it seams in these series. Both Angels and Daemons look fully human, but are faster, stronger and immortal. They can be killed, by magic or magic infused weapons’, but they can not die from old age. Both species are very beautiful. Angels have white wings with silver glow and Daemons have black wings with golden glow. The wings when folded turn in to tattoos that are all over their backs. Non magical humans see them as ordinary tattoos, while magical humans see them in a 3D kind of way. All of them have weapons that are a part of their core and come out from the middle of their back, the part where the wings split up. They can do magic, but not in an extent of how witches do it. Spells and potions are the range of magic the Angels and Daemons do. Through out the series, starting with book 2 you will meet both of them and start to realize that Good and Evil is not always as it seems, especially in the world of celestial beings.

There are subspecies of Angels and Daemons. Nephilim’s are the most common ones, they are part angels part humans(non magical). Most of the Nephilim’s have celestial powers but they are mortal, they age and can die of old age. Their ageing is much more slower then those of Humans. Other subspecies is Hybrid. A Hybrid is a warrior who was saved by the combination of Angel, Daemon and Witches blood in a ritual preformed by a Earth Witch with healing powers. They are very rare, now days almost non existent. After the ritual was preformed the Hybrid gains some of the powers all three species have. Mostly the Hybrid gets wings and a weapon, but it is not out of the question that he may be granted the power of Elemental magic. Hybrids wings were gray with both silver and gold in them, while Nephilim’s wings are just gray with out any glow in the feathers.

To the Angels, Witches and Warriors the species that are considered Good are Sole Vampires, Werewolf’s and Elves.

Sole Vampire’s live deep in the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland and were friends with Zora Aylwin when she escaped the prosecution of the Gods. The clans hid her and saved her life. Sole Vampires were very pale, with almost transparent skin and with very long white hair. Soul vampires couldn’t go at day time, the sun would burn their skin, they had very green eyes and they hated human blood, it made them sick. They did how ever drink animal blood, the animal has to be willing to give blood to the vampire. The clans in Ireland are very good friends with the Aylwin clan of witches. Their species could never pass as a humans so that is why they hid away in the Cliffs. They were created by Daobog with a help from the Fire God and Fire Goddess. They are “allergic” to the sun because they were made directly under it. They can manipulate the Fire element and are very good with forging weapons’.

Elves as Sole Vampires could never pass as humans, as they too were very pale, with almost transparent skin and with very long white hair. The difference between the two are that Elves could go in to the sun light, they had violet eyes and they glittered under the moon light. They were the moon children and are created by Elips, Daobog and the Wind Goddess and a Wind God. They manipulate the wind element and were masters of forging gold and silver out of moon light. There are now three families of Elves that live in the Alps all though out the eight countries of it.

Both Vampires and Elves have a very kind nature and are very friendly. Because of this they have been targets of many attacks of the other side. Knowing that is not a strange thing they live in very isolated, hard to get places.

Werewolf’s on the other hand could pass as humans. Very hairy and short tempered humans. Werewolves in their society were nothing like the ones you see on the TV. They were more of the shape sifters that took the shape of wolves and dogs and could change their appearance from very hairy humans to animals any time they wanted; the animal form depended to which clan the werewolf belonged. There were five clans of the werewolves that lived in the Siberian forests. Even thought they could pass as humans they had a problem with rage and very short fuse, so they preferred to stay away from them as much as possible. Again they were created by God of Spirit and a Goddess of the same element with the help of Mokosh and Gaia and their element Earth. Werewolf’s were Earth bound children and they grew herbs that were used in potions making. They also were great warriors who helped trained Witches warriors in the camps over the summer. One of Marcus’s best friends is Jarlo, a “cub” werewolf of the Volk clan. Even thought they are hairy, werewolves are strong and fast and are not any less beautiful.

In next post we will cover the other side of magical species.

6 thoughts on “A brief history about Elemental Magic and the world within the world. “The tale of Witches series” – Part One – Magical Species”

  1. This isn’t my usual pick of genre for a book but this year, I’ve decided to go for anything and everything to try to broaden my mind. I used to love tales of witches when I was a kid so I reckon this could become a guilty pleasure for me!


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  2. A fascinating read and insight into this incredible magical world! I’ve always been drawn in to things with magical creatures. Can’t wait to read more. The images in this post are beautiful, too. I especially love the werewolf one.

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