A brief history about Elemental Magic and the world within the world. “The tale of Witches series” – Part Two – Magical Species

Now on to the dark side. To daemons the Evil species are Fairies or Vily’s, Valkyries and Babaroga’s, Nymphs’, or Water Daemons, Bauk’s or Ogre’s and German’s(Do not mistake them to the people of Germany) or Djerman’s

Fairies or Vily’s

Fairies belong to the demon group of creatures in the Elemental Magic world.  Fairies can have different appearance; they can have human or any kind of surreal, unnatural shape. They are presented as creatures made of many different elements and functions. On the one hand, they belong to the cult of the ancestors and on the other to the cult of nature. Their significance is enormous because in their cult we can find symbolic representations of air, fire, water and spirits of the dead ancestors. It was believed that fairies are born in plants, living on the trees or around them. Some of them also lived under the ground and had a shape of the snake. When such fairies would come out on the surface they became girls. Many fairies are connected to the Moon and moonlight and their demonic beings to have lunar character. Fairies appeared only in the middle of the night dancing and having orgy parties on the river banks. Having that in mind, it is not a surprise that many were in the same time scared and enchanted by the beautiful fairies. So why are the Fairies on a evil side of things, next to being a demonic creature, Fairies kidnap children from humans and rise them as their own, this is mainly because fairies can not have offspring’s of their own as they are single-gender race, composed solely of women. Also the Fairies are know to curse and poison Witches warriors just for the fun of it. They are also very nasty creatures that do Valkyries bidding.

Valkyries and Babaroga’s

There are two species in this one. Valkyries are beautiful and strong women warriors while Babaroga’s are their children with human males. Valkyries are like Fairies single-gender race, but they do not kidnap children, they seduce men into making them one and after kill the said man. Babaroga’s do not have their mothers beauty and grace, but they have their power. Most describe Babaroga’s as ugly, hunchbacked old woman that has a horn that is growing out of her forehead. There are some truth to that description. Some do look like that, but others are mostly black shaped humans, with big teeth, ruby eyes and black messed up wings. They are between the land of the living and the land of the dead, as their mothers are guardians of the Underworld and in the service of Vales, the God of the Underworld. Babaroga’s live in dark caves in the mountain and in the forest where sunlight approaches only at Midsummer which is actually the only day when she leaves the cave. Except when they are ordered by their mothers on a death mission to please the Lord of the Underworld. Even thought this species is considered Evil there is a soft side to Babaroga’s and that is children, as they can not have their own, Babaroga’s visit sleeping children at night, tuck them in and give them pleasant dreams.

Nymphs’ or Water Daemons

Nymphs or Water Daemons are unquiet, dangerous, unclean spirits who can take a shape of women, young women, who either committed suicide by drowning due to an unhappy marriage or who were violently drowned against their will. They must live out their designated time on earth as Nymphs. Original Elemental Magic History suggests that not all Nymphs were linked with death from water. They appear in the form of beautiful girls, with long hair, generally naked but covered with their long tresses, with wreaths of sedge on their heads. They live in groups in crystal palaces at the bottom of rivers, emerging only in springtime; others live in fields and forests. In springtime, they dance and sing along the riverbanks promoting the growth of rye. After the first thunder, they return to their rivers or rise to the skies. They also appeared on new moon and lured young men to play with them, killing them with tickles or frenzied dancing. They were particularly mean towards young girls as they are jealous of them. As they are spirits they can change form and that makes them great spies’ of Vales. Again as Valkyries and Babaroga’s are the Nymphs’ are thought to be in service of the Lord of Underworld. In todays world Nymphs’ are in service of the Magic councilism that is consisting of all species in the Elemental magic world, Good and Evil ones. In that service Nymphs are also spies that help maintain peace in the world. Or so everyone thought.

Bauk’s or Ogre’s

Bauk is a scary animal-like creature with a peculiar way of walking. According to the history, Bauk was hiding in dark places or abandoned buildings where he would sit and lurk at preys that he would eventually grab and devour.  The only way to scare him off was to use light and noise. Some interpretation of the attributes of bauk have brought out the conclusion that this creature is actually a description of a real bear. It was not. It was large, hideous, animal-like creature that eats ordinary human beings, especially infants and children. For now Bauk’s are thought to be extinct .

German’s or Djerman’s

German or Djerman is a male spirit associated with bringing hail. To stop him form bringing drought, downpours, or hail a human sacrifice in a form of young girls must be offered. They are especial nasty and blood thirsty creatures feared by even their own side as they never know what mood they will be. They were created as a mistake by Nun and her husband Balto when they tried to create a water species with a help of DaoBog. Not much is know about this species other then this for now.

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  1. Ahh I love this! Such in-depth explanations of all these characters and I love that you’ve mentioned not only their traits but how they come to be as well. Fascinating read.

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