Rose O’Dwyer – another fire witch from “Tale of Witches” books

Rose O’Dwyer is a daughter of Miranda O’Dwyer and General Len Ivanski Dunne, Head of the House of Tigers. Her parents never maired, even thought they cared for each other strongly and are having a afair for years from which Rose was born. Miranda was the one to keep Rose with her, even thouht her dad visits regulary and Rose spends some time over the holidays at her dads family. Rose is breafly mentioned in the first book “The Secret Keeper”, but gets a more importan role in the second one.

Rose is tall, lean, red hired fire witch. Like Alexis she miniplates the element of fire, that is were her red hair comes from. It is mentioned that next to Alexis, Rose is the only known fire witch in this part of the world. Which makes her extremly rare and valubale. Next to fire witches, spirit witches are the rarest ones, and for now thought to be extinct all togeher.

Rose is the same age as Alexis’s is and is one of Alexis’s best friends. She was pale, but not ghostly pale, more of a royal pale. That pale color that kings and queens have. But the most interesting about the Rose was her blue eyes, they were bluer then the sky itself.

For now Rose can only manipulate fire element.

We meet Rose at the end of the first book when she had to work as a court clerk at the gathering of the Witches and Wariors houses. Alexis and Rose share the same sence of humor and the same sence of getting-into-trouble-before-they-can-blink, which makes them highly eficiente and good to work together team. Rose also has a very high IQ and sence of loyatly to the ones she cares about.

Rose also loves dangerous things and has a soft spot for the ones we call “bad” boys. She can handdle them and her self just fine. Rose is also very emotional, like most fire witches, and lets her emotions get better of her sometimes, especialy her anger. Alexis and Rose mirror eachother very good.

She is extrimly funny and has a very dark sence of humor, that Cora finds disturbing, but Alexis finds hilarious. Over the summer in Magical Academy Rose became good friends with Hanna and Spring too. Over that summer Rose showed an affinity for the wind element also. What will happen is to be seen.

You all will find out about Rose in the second book of “The Tale of Witches” trilogy. The book two is coming out this summer hopefully and until then you can buy the first one “The Secret Keeper” in the links below

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The Secret Keeper Hardcover

Or you can get an ebook copy:

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