We judge the victims over and over again, while the abusers mock us in the face

Time and time again, human cruelty, human incomprehension and insensibility leave me speechless. Sometimes I can't help but get the impression that some people seem to be deprived of all humanity, vaccinated against common sense, so that instead of sticky, red liquid, pure ice flows through their veins, or rather poison?

That eternal inquisition, the modern persecution of witches, the stretching of one’s soul and trampling on women who have dared to admit to being abused or raped, especially by other women, is something I will never get used to, never coldly and carelessly wave my hand and never remain indifferent. It will always terrify, disappoint, worry and sadden me.

What is so rotten inside women? What brings us to the brink of so coldly attacking and condemning and indirectly encouraging with our attitudes, name-calling and condemnation of women, those men who carry that violent gene within them? They will be encouraged by such thoughts and actions on the part of women to really believe that she is to blame for him hitting her, because she “challenged” him. And that she was to blame for raping her because she sat in the car with him and had a short skirt.

Is she guilty? Yes, but only for the fact that she is a woman

She’s to blame. That attitude, that relentless, calculated cruelty, that arrogant, backward, frustrated evil should not leave anyone indifferent. And it shouldn’t be multiplied, but it’s multiplying. It’s getting worse. Attacks and name-calling are becoming more open in every sphere of society.

And while on the one hand we are called to sympathize with others, especially in these challenging times, under the patronage of Christian education, on the other hand it is so openly, unscrupulously and directly trying to return to the Middle Ages, by constant attacks on women’s rights in our society.

Prohibitions, name-calling, appeals to conscience, “rights to opinion”, silence, these are all methods of abusing and raping a modern woman, fortunately not abused directly, but especially those who have already gone through a round of hell experiencing mobbing, harassment, abuse or rape.

Why did she say now, if she had been silent for so long, why had she not been silent still? - her judges will be loud!

A crime is always a crime

As if a crime ceases to be a crime over time. As if being a successful businessman, professor, scientist, doctor or lawyer changes the fact that he is an abuser, a rapist and a monster. It is as if the fact that he is a member of the elite or a close friend of an influential person changes the fact that poison flows in his veins, his limbs an urge he cannot control and his mind dark thoughts and evil scenarios in which he identifies a woman with an object he will master as he pleases.

And instead of calling HIM out and condemning his act and publicly denouncing it as a CRIME, the people, and especially women, will call HER out again and judge HER. And to tell her that she is lewd and blasphemous if she refuses to report the pregnancy after the rape, but decides to terminate it.

Maybe really that child isn’t guilty of anything. But who can say that it would be easy to look at him all his or her life and look in his or her eyes for the dark shadow and traces of the one who humiliated and devalued her as a human?

Distorted values

We are a cruel, backward and selfish society. We are made up of individuals who are loud and naughty when it comes to other people’s skin, and very weak, miserable and powerless when it comes to changing their lives, cleaning their garbage, taking care of their worries or taking care of important things, real things, a better life for all of us.

We are a society full of narcissists, idlers, petty souls and manipulators, liars, invertebrates and thieves. A society full of hardened criminals whom we have allowed to make such laws by which we will not be able to prove a crime, let alone punish them for that crime, unless that one steps on the toes or heel of someone stronger and bigger than himself. Then, for months and years, we will witness the same party in the media and its enforcement of justice. We will also praise and praise him, encourage him and understand him, but we will take the soul out of an abused woman and drag her through the mud, if nowhere else, at least on social networks, because we are not allowed to burn her at the stake.

And many would like to burn her, skin her and stone her, because she dared to say – I was raped.

Whether she’s an actress or a teacher, an aunt in kindergarten or a student, a singer or a seamstress, she’s a woman, and rape is a crime. It is a crime both the day it happened and the day she decided to talk about it.

Why do we judge victims?

She is a victim and we do not judge her. So why are we judging her then?

When did our moral verticals get confused? When did we become sympathizers of criminals and abusers, and loud executioners of ordinary people who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time? When did we lose that humanity? When did we “evolve” it into mindless machines and questionable personas?

People, when did we stop being human?

And how on earth can we get back on track? Can we go back?

I am very afraid of this answer.

5 thoughts on “We judge the victims over and over again, while the abusers mock us in the face”

  1. I also don’t understand why people love to be cruel to each other. Nobody in this world deserve to be treated with cruelty. All people need to do is be kind to each other. If everyone in this world practice kindness, the world will definitely be a good place. Thank you for sharing this good post.

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