Little girl, you remain in our hearts as a painful memory and a reminder of how much we have failed

Good bye, little girl! Goodbye _______!


It first crossed my mind that you have a nice name. Then seeing your picture I thought how beautiful you are, just like a real little angel. You are no longer among us, and there is nothing we can do to bring you back. We can only help prevent a case like this from ever happening again.

These days we are all with you in thought. Some can’t mention your case, some cry as soon as the word girls is mentioned, some are angry because they didn’t see what was happening, some are indignant at the institutions, etc. But you are no longer about us…

My soul is breaking. I break down on every new title I read. The abuse lasted 5 months, if not longer. Did anyone visit you after returning you to your parents? Has anyone noticed bruises on your body? Has anyone checked them? Those parents of yours? To parents who are so called only because they made you and because she brought you into this world. She is not a mother and he is not a father.

I know it sounds weird to you now. You thought they were there to watch over you. To bandage your wounds, to lift you up when you fall, to teach you how to live in this world. But no, they hit you until they broke you. And you may have thought it was necessary, but it shouldn’t have been. Forgive us. Forgive us for having parents today who don’t deserve to be. Forgive us for not seeing the institutions that should see it.

Everything is full of our ‘maybe’, but that doesn’t change anything

Maybe you would be happier if you were in a family where it doesn’t matter if you cried at noon or at midnight. Maybe you’d be happier if you got dirty and came to another woman to change your robe and let you play again. Maybe that woman would be your mother. Maybe it was nicer for you at the foster home, and those who should have seen it didn’t see it.

You left in pain. You left because someone didn’t have a feeling for you. You left because you were a burden to someone, because someone didn’t know how to take care of you. You weren’t a burden, little one. You were happiness, you were joy, you were a child, and they didn’t know how to appreciate it. I hope it hurts less now. I hope you find new parents up there. With whom you will laugh and cry when you want to. Which won’t hurt you.

I have no words of consolation. I could curse those who should have made sure you grew up in a healthy family. I could curse those who brought you back to a violent family. I don’t know if it makes sense. Maybe it is better to pray and try together with everyone to make sure it never happens again.

I want us to become human again

I want us to stop closing our eyes to the problems. I want us to breathe with full lungs. That our children grow up carefree. I want them not to be afraid of their parents. Not even your loved ones. I want all those who did this to answer to you.

And for you sleep peacefully, little girl. Upstairs where your room brings peace, not suffering. Upstairs, where your mother and father hug you, not hit you. Upstairs, where your laughter is heard. And watch out for us. Because we need your help too.

Rest in peace, little girl! So that this never happens again.

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