Story of Leila

“A strong smell of opium and spices hit their noses as soon as they entered the foyer of the villa. Marcus raised his eyebrows as he now knew whose house they were in. That smell was always unique for her.

It was Leila’s house. Sweet Leila.

A half goddess and half angel.

Leila was a daughter of Vesta, goddess of fire and Vesta’s guardian Angel Flyns. Flyns when Svarog, the god of fire and Vesta’s husband found out he killed Flyns and send their daughter to Earth cursing her never to find love.

Leila was beautiful, a girl with long flaming locks of auburn hair, ivory skin and eyes of emerald green, a demi goddess in a seventeen year olds body. Heart shaped face with almond shaped eyes and full ripe red lips. She was tall and lean, with very flirtatious and seductive nature.

She always had a smile on her lips and could make man insane of love when she spoke or sing.

Opening one door the boys found themselves in a living room. There by the large open window a girl stood, dresses in a 20’s green flapper dress with a hair style to match the dress, holding a long cigarette holder in her left hand and a glass of whisky in the other. Turning around Leila smiled and said: “Boy’s, let’s get that ball started shall we?”

She was still beautiful as ever.”

This is how you all are going to meet Leila in the second book of the “The Tale of Witches” series.

Leila is a specific character I wrote. She is opposite of Alexis. Like jing and jang. Even though Alexis is beautiful, she doesn’t use her beauty in the way Leila uses it. Leila is drop dead gorgeous and she will use that in her advantage. Alexis and Leila had a very turbulent history to say at least. They only tolerated each other when they needed to work together, in truth they could not stand one and another. Mostly because they were each other’s opposites’.

Leila was beautiful as ever, a demi-goddess with a specific power over men, while Alexis was a kick first ask later kind of girl. Alexis hated her because Leila was cruel, over-confident egomaniac who only care for herself and would exploit people for her own gain without giving anything back even when she promised too.

As you all learned by now that in my books the things are not always as they seem and that is no different with Leila’s story. There is another version of Leila hidden in some long forgotten books in the magical society.

The story goes like this:

“Leila was born as an eight daughter to a farmer and his beautiful wife deep in a Siberian forest. She was born right before a day turned into night, when the sky was colored by fire, just before the sun said goodbye and the moon said hello. She was the youngest of them all, a baby of the family. Her hair was colored by fire and her eyes were colored by the wind. A sun and a moon in one child. Their older sister adored her and she was favorite of her sister Zora, another red haired free spirited child. Like her sisters Leila was often visited by Elemental Goddesses that taught them magic that was not reserved for Leila’s kind. Unknowingly the Elemental Goddesses created another magical species that wasn’t supposed to exist. The witches. Leila despaired at the age of 13 and was never heard from again. Her other sisters formed the Witches houses and a new era was started.”

Who is the real Leila? Is she maybe both of them or something compliantly different? You will have to wait until the second book comes out. Just remember that the world of Elemental magic is full of impossible things being possible.

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