Be proud of yourself, dare and shine!

Dear woman, you are also perfect if you wear high heels or torn sneakers, skinny jeans or a fluttery dress with a floral pattern. That's you. Your appearance does not disturb, it delights. Be proud of yourself.

Dear woman, you must never be condemned, discriminated against or attacked for your clothes. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by primitive brains who think you’re provoking with clothes and looking for trouble. You express yourself with your clothes. You like to dress up and show off with your beauty, You like to express yourself with colors, tones, harmony, aesthetics that express your personality, You radiate with your charisma and charm. Some will praise you, while others will look for flaws and insult your style.

Dear woman, it’s okay if you’re proud of your body that you trained hard at the gym. . Dirty and perverted minds think you are lifting weights and doing squats because you want to impress the male gender Positive people know that they did it for inner satisfaction, health and self-confidence. To shine because you feel great in your skin.

They find fault with everyone

Evil tongues will spread rumors about you because your face is drawn with makeup, contours, bronzer and perfectly shaded eyeshadows and eye liner. They will object to you being artificial and fake because they don’t understand that makeup is for you and others who appreciate and love it, art. You are the artist of your life because you have the skill to make yourself and others happy with a new makeover.

They will find a flaw in you because you are freckled, because you have moles, pimples, pimples, acne. They will recognize your suffering, pain and will intentionally increase your sense of insecurity. They will argue that you need to lock yourself in the apartment and not expose your shame

They will also make fun of sportswear, torn jeans, shaved heads, short hairstyles, tattoos. They will call you a man. They’ll be bothered by your oversized clothes. It will go to the other extreme and require you to show some skin.

Purely to please men’s eyes. Because men like lush breasts and big buttocks. Although they can rape you for that. It will go so far as to create huge confusion in your head.

Don’t listen to their voices

I know that it is not easy to be a girl and a woman in this sick and perverted world. Fight and do not give up the idea that you make this world better. Never listen to them. Don’t listen to those who say it’s your fault for wearing a miniskirt and that’s the reason women are raped.

A woman is not defined by her dress style, she is defined by her behavior, respect for herself and others.

Love yourself the way you are. If you are not satisfied progress in your little rituals that make you beautiful and happy. Remember for all time that you are powerful, passionate, beautiful inside and out.

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