Live, without beating about the bush?

It’s ok to be outspoken. Being able to say clearly and loudly what you think and express your point of view. Defend it loudly and eloquently. Fight for it. For the truth (as you see it)!

It is ok to point out other people’s flaws, oversights, failures, negligence.

It’s okay to have a “subtle sense of justice.” For prudence and honesty!

It’s ok to shake out everything you think and justify it with incorruptibility and honesty!

It’s ok…

… If you are ready to hear the answer. Different attitudes and different arguments. If you are willing to hear other people’s reasons, other people’s truths and other people’s motives.

It’s ok if you’re willing to hear your own flaws, oversights, misses, negligence!

You know, it’s easy to “always be right”, it’s easy to be nice, polite, kind and sweet-spoken, to spread love and good intentions “

… When everything goes your way. When everything goes down your grain!

But that in the chest… love and good intention are seen only when you face rejection.
When you hear;

I can not!

I won’t!

I do not want!

When you respect other people’s reasons! Other people’s views! Other people’s experiences!

(Or you don’t do it and keep imposing yours!)

Love and good intentions are seen when you realize the power of words!

All their power to inspire, touch, teach, ennoble, motivate, soften, encourage, open new vistas…

… But also to hurt. Yes wounds! Yes it hurts! To create scars, which remain.

When you realize it’s up to you. It’s up to you to choose whether to raise or lower someone. When you realize, what you say stays. Forever! Good and bad. When you realize that what is said cannot be erased.

No yes! Because you hurt someone. Because you left a scar. Because you’re a scar!

Love and good intentions are seen when you realize that all this time you have been taught wrong and that you “love wrong”!

To “love” only while you receive! While you are flattered. While listening to you! While you are the center of the universe. Star! Icon!

When you see that this is not exactly love, that love implies giving, when you understand all this – I will believe in your change, your love and your good intentions! I’ll trust you, that yelling I hear from your direction isn’t just a distraction, of that little egomaniac inside of you.

Honesty has its weight only when it goes both ways!

When you are ready not only to say it, but also to hear it! When you are ready to face your own mistakes as well, and not just list others. When you realize that sweet talk and flattery are no excuse. And no change. When you are ready to change yourself, not just change others.

Everything else is nothing more than the simple selfishness of someone who, with a lot of noise, points out other people’s flaws and doesn’t see his own. Because his whole life was reduced to proving that he was better. Bigger than the others.

And don’t see how the only real size is the one inside you own chest!

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