People are good at what they repeat

They become good at it, but they become experts in emotions, in deeds, in everything they repeat every day.

Some things you do routinely! Without thinking. They are taken for granted.

You have some thoughts of your life in your head. About people. You have your life philosophy, your prayers, rituals, theories, emotions.

Routine is created by repetition.

Like when you brush your teeth as soon as you get up. Like when you turn on the turn signals, when you turn (or don’t turn on). Like when you apologize, when you make a mistake. Like when you say thank you, when someone does something for you.

Like when you teach a child the first words. Like when you just start exercising and you run out of air after a few minutes. Like when you just start working and you’re not sure about anything and you check everything a million times. Like when you learn a foreign language and you think which verb, which tense, is that the right word. And then with effort, curiosity, professional help and repetition you become better, you can and you know more and more.

People are good at what they repeat! They become experts in that. – Who constantly complains, will find a flaw where no one sees it.

It is not good when true to yourself, a bitch!

It doesn’t work when she’s overweight, she’s neglected!

It doesn’t work when she loses weight, “she must be sick”!

It is not good when you are fighting for someone, naive!

It is not good when you stood up for yourself, arrogant!

It is not good when you are silent, insidious.

It’s not good when you are talking, you must be just barking.

It is not good if you choose not to have kids, selfish.

It is not good when you are home with children, lazy.

It’s not good when she’s successful in business, she’s pursuing a career — she’ll end up alone.

People are good at what they repeat. – If you worry all the time, you will become so good at it that you will find reason to worry about everything.

Not so high, you will fall!

Did I turn off the iron?

Did you lock the house?

Is the stove off?

What if he gets angry when I say what I mean?

What if he resents me because I disagree?

What if he rejects me when I tell him I love him?

What if I don’t do well?

What if they hurt me?

What if they let me down?

What if I get sick?

People are good at what they repeat. – If you practice contempt, anger, revolt, rebellion, you will be so good at it that the most negligible thing will make you angry.

Drive too slow!

He doesn’t answer the phone!

He talks loudly.

He laughs irritably.

What was she wearing, how was she combing her hair?

Nobody knows anything.

Nobody does anything.

Nobody listens!

They are all thieves!

No one is good!

…. (except you, I guess)

People are good at what they repeat. – Interests, talents, emotions that you repeat… you become an expert in them.

Joy, laughter, empathy, happiness, peace or anger, aggression, gossip, subterfuge, jealousy.

Everyone is good at what they repeat every day!

6 thoughts on “People are good at what they repeat”

  1. Very true and I like the style you wrote in. It’s important to know and be aware that what we think, we become. Reprogramming our subconscious to be positive, not to focus on negativity and worry.

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  2. This is so powerful! We truly are good at what we repeat, good or bad. I think that’s why it is so important to pay attention to the thoughts and actions that have become automatic. Are they things that we want to be good at? Thanks for sharing!

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