You matter (even if you think you don’t)

You matter. If no one told you that today, I'm telling you now… You matter.

Your opinions matter. The way you see the world is important, the words you keep to yourself are also important because you are too afraid of what other people will think. Your voice matters.

Your feelings matter. They are not excessive or too strong or too irritating. They are not unrealistic, crazy or naive. They are you. They are your depths and emotions and they matter.

Your thoughts matter. The voices in your head matter. Little crazy things that go through your head before bed. The things you think about in secret are important because you are too embarrassed to tell them to anyone. Your mind matters.

Your heart matters. What matters is what you are passionate about. Everything that drives you is important, no matter what society thinks about it, or your parents or friends. Your passion is your calling and your calling is important no matter what it is about.

Your dreams matter. They are not impossible, they are not childish, they are not unambitious and they are not for everyone. Your vision matters. The way you want to live is important. Even if your dreams are crazy, your madness matters.

Your path is important. Go the way you want, drive the car you have chosen, drive the way you enjoy and feel free to throw out all unwanted passengers. Your road is important, your direction is important.

Your problems matter. The obstacles you face build your strength. All the tears shed will wash away all the negativity. Your tears matter, even your darkness matters.

Your happiness matters. The details you discover in joy are important. Simple things that make you smile. What matters are the breathtaking moments. You should look for them, you should find them. Your smile matters.

Your existence is important. It’s no coincidence, you’re here because you have your story and you’re here because you’re going to leave a mark. You matter. You always have been and always will be. You may have forgotten that because you are surrounded by people who make you feel like you are not, but you are enough and you are important and as long as you know that, nothing else matters.

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