They will remember you. Many will also greatly regret having let you go

There are some sacred virtues that never go out of fashion. They have no shelf life and are invaluable. Understanding, respect, support, help, patience, tolerance, loyalty and responsibility leave an indelible mark on every person. You gave, you were there and you donated your time to that person. That person eventually let you down, stabbed you in the shoulder, fired you and left. This happens in love, friendship and business relationships.

You are no exception, this is a very common occurrence, because people as humans generally have one feller, and that is that they do not appreciate what they have. It goes without saying. They think other people are there and it’s carved in stone. They imply your love, attention, effort, time and presence. But life is an interesting phenomenon and everything always returns to balance…

Unrequited love

You were the one who showed understanding for his problems and stresses. Whenever he was upset, he knew what number to call. Early in the morning at noon and midnight, he knew he could count on your unconditional support.

And when his network of friends, colleagues and all of them leaves, you stay. When they all go through his daily life, he remembered you, that you are the one whose presence brings him back from the dead. He repeated to you how good, special and normal a person you are, He said a hundred times that he admires you, because you, despite your intelligence, beauty, charisma, charm and all your qualities, did not blow the clouds with your nose.

You stayed grounded and realistic. You never condemned or belittled him. You provided empathy for his family problems, accumulated stress at work, and counted his grays. And what did he do? He left you with an explanation that he was not ready for that type of relationship or said some other excuse.

He left, you readily opened the door and knew that there was nothing to be forced, Deep down you know that you have given the best part of yourself. Don’t worry, if you gave your best, it will never be forgotten. Regardless, that he is stubborn and that his male pride and ego does not allow him to admit it. That you are his gambled opportunity.

A friend in good and bad

You have always been there for your friends and girlfriends. You weren’t angry when they didn’t invite you to parties, you weren’t jealous. You have kept silent every time you have been intentionally or unintentionally excluded. The door to your apartment and heart was always open.

You were not resentful and forgot all the insults and petty objections under the pretext of “we say it for your own good.” You borrowed clothes, books, scripts, even money. Few remained there. You have learned valuable lessons, that true friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but they are your true treasure. You live for them and are eternally grateful to God or the universe.

Injustice at work

How many times have you worked overtime, volunteered and placed some great idea. How many times has your employer praised you but given someone else a raise or promotion. How many times have they called you with the excuse that only you can do it best?

How many times have you missed a well-deserved job because someone else had better acquaintances and connections? Your qualities of commitment, responsibility, perseverance and talent have been overshadowed. You’ve wondered a million times what I’m trying to do. However, you have never given up because you believe in the purpose and motive of what you are doing.

Your reward

A peaceful, restful sleep and a clear conscience are your greatest victory. A confession to oneself that no one can pay. There is no money and no time. Because everything you did, you did with your heart, you loved, you simply were. Betrayal and injustice combined with cheating make you feel emotionally exploited. And it all hurts, burns, eats you up, makes you cry.

But in the end, your realization remains that you do not regret what you went through. They are the ones who repent. Maybe they don’t admit out loud, maybe they walk around with their heads held high, maybe they pretend to be happy and unencumbered. Sooner or later, they will remember your values and knock on your door. It is up to you to decide whether you want to let them back into your world or not.

Just keep in mind, that the poison that killed you cannot cure you.

3 thoughts on “They will remember you. Many will also greatly regret having let you go”

  1. This is a really powerful piece, Marta and has given me a lot to think about especially how we appear to other people and the things we’re willing to do for them. Actually a lot of what you said I was able to relate to in my own life from the last few years so it felt quite close to home x

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    1. I am glad it was helpful for you Jenny. I do hope you resolve all that is going on in your life now. Having people who are loyal, respectful and understaning in your life is one of the most magical things, you need to keep those people safe and close to you. Those who are not, you do not own them anything, not even your time.

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  2. I liked your post Marta. I think that it relates to each one of us from time to time and in all levels.
    We should all learn to value ourselves cause we deserve it.
    I loved your last sentence “the poison that killed you cannot cure you”


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