Life revolves around you, not men

Some women worry too much about men. They place them on top of the life pedestal and attribute ideal characteristics to them. Give them all their attention and time. They give up their pleasures, desires and ambitions to please them. And actually damage themselves. They worry about whether he will answer, when he will answer, how he will write the message, what is the tone of his voice. They analyze in detail whether he is cold, uninterested, or perhaps unfaithful. They dedicate too much time to him. They give a lot, and in return they get crumbs.

Relationships are broken, life paths diverge. You get saturate of yourself and him in such a state. Emotional attachment restrains and suffocates you. Eventually you breathe. Everything crystallizes and you finally realize that he is not so perfect.

You uncover all his fake masks and take off images and illusions about your ideal love relationship. There is a great desire in you for change and progress that you would not be able to achieve with him. That little light bulb turns on in your head that you deserve so much more.

You are sitting on your life throne

You can give yourself a lot by working on yourself, to please yourself, to enjoy yourself. And this is not selfishness, this is reality. Because essentially, you are independent and whole. If you dig a little deeper into the essence of life, you will realize that many of you have achieved the greatest successes on your own. Some of you are single mothers and a very important figure in your children’s lives. You have contributed much more to their upbringing and progress.

You may have felt like the world had collapsed at the time of your divorce or breakup, but you rebuilt it. On your solid foundations. Many of you have successful careers, Some of you have been given an ultimatum by a man to choose between a job and him. You have chosen your career and are now experiencing exciting life challenges.

Many of you have found much better men, friends, and new people after fatal and dramatic interruptions. Some of you only got to know yourself completely later. You opened new horizons of life.

You control your destiny

A man can beautify your life and enrich your life with love, attention, respect, admiration and other positive emotions. But he cannot cure your complexes. If you don’t accept yourself, if you don’t love yourself and if you don’t work on yourself, he can’t do anything about it. It cannot fill all the cracks between your wounds and scars. You are the one who should have an open heart for yourself, then for him.

You must also not allow a man to pull you by the nose. You must not give him unlimited power to manipulate you, to exploit you and gradually destroy you. No one is worth your tears and pain. You are the builder of your own life. Only you have a chance to become a victim or a heroine of your own destiny

You cannot change circumstances, but you can influence by making your own choices. To learn from your own mistakes. In a love affair and beyond. A relationship with a man is important, but you and your whole life are much more important. In the end, you die alone. So try to make your life diverse, rich in different shades of emotions, ups, downs and progress.

1 thought on “Life revolves around you, not men”

  1. I think I approach life with the idea that the people in our lives, especially the ones we’re in relationships with, should add value to our lives. Nobody is perfect and everyone brings their own issues, but if they bring you down then it’s either time to set some solid boundaries or move on. Interesting post — thanks for sharing.

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