Love is you, not the person you love

Often, almost always, people equate love with people they care about, who they love. Yet, know that the feeling of love, like all other feelings, arises from us, from our existence, from our soul.

When we feel love, it seems to us because of some other person, we are actually love, we feel and vibrate love, not just for a particular person, but for everyone. When we love, the environment notices it, and the overall experience of life is indescribably better.

We finally live, hear the songs, notice the art, the beauty of nature and the magic of life. All this for the reason that we are open, of wide awareness, then when we are in the high vibration of love. Then happy circumstances happen to us, we are full of energy, healthy, well-meaning, inspired.

It is a pity to think that we need an external cause to be love and that love is conditioned by a relationship with a certain person who has to behave in a certain way or return love in order for us to live it.

Everything we are at some point is part of one universal energy that we can call a divine source or whatever, and we are creators who choose what we will be. Will we be love or something else. That choice seems to be conditioned by external events, but that is not true. Try and find out.

Love is our choice

You can be love whenever. You can be love now.

Now do a small experiment of a few minutes. All you need is a focus on the event, the situation, yourself, God, nature, the animal, the plants whatever, but just about anything that causes a feeling of love in you. It can also be something fictional.

It can be just a wish or an expectation. It does not matter. Even, it can be a memory of a vibration or a feeling of love per se without anything in the background.

Keep your focus for a while and the feeling will get stronger and stronger due to the law of attraction that brings you more and more of what you are focusing on. You can be love whenever. You can share it with anyone.

Try it, it doesn’t matter at all if it’s your friends or enemies. It doesn’t matter if you know these people or not. You can send love with your thoughts everywhere. You will see how it will come back to you since the world is a mirror of yourself.

Thus being love unconditioned by any external events, you are free in your love and have it in excess. Then the door opens and miracles happen! Love is coming to meet you! You have invited love into your life! It’s so easy.

All you need to do now is to start vibrating love now, and not wait for exactly the set goals and norms to be met, to like this or that. No, enjoy life now. Love yourself, it is the easiest way and always available way to love.

Just remember, I love my body, I love my health, I love my life, I love my property, I love my bed, I love my morning coffee, I love the blue sky, I love spring, I love, I love…

I love you. I love that I can help you find something good and useful and brighten up a part of your life experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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