When you go from being envious to feeling sorry for a star like Britney?

You are mature when you realize that money and fame do not mean happiness. You are mature when you realize that posters, articles, interviews do not mean that person has everything he wants. It means that this person must not have the life he wants, it means that this person must hide his problems for the sake of his career. And where is the happiness?

Is there anyone who has remained indifferent to the story that Britney has placed in the media in recent days? Heavy. There are those who think she needs it that way and that she deserves it, but who are we to judge? To those who are eaten up by money, to those who get lost in fame, to those who let others run their lives and realize it too late?

The singer spoke publicly about the custody situation her father Jamie has over her, and it seems, the entire Spears family as well. One of the statements that has certainly left its mark is that Britney is forced to have a spiral due to custody, which she must not take out without their approval and must not have children or marriage, regardless of her wishes.

Britney revealed she has been living like this for 13 years. Can you imagine someone telling you for 13 years what is good and what is bad for you?

“Custody has not worked from the beginning. Makes no sense. I pay people to control me. I have been working since I was 17 and this is abuse. I don’t feel like I can live my life. ” said Britney.

In addition, she revealed that her guardians do not pay her money and do not let her go on vacation. In her confession, she also stated that she wanted to reduce visits to a psychiatrist and that her psychiatrist did not care about her. Whenever she brings out something she wants, he puts her on even stronger medications that don’t work well for her and tells her she’s a difficult person. The person who is supposed to help you tells you that you are a difficult person? It is superfluous to explain.

As far as we understood in the confession, the singer is most angry and disappointed with her father. She says he liked hurting her and having control over her. She also describes working seven days a week, without a break, in Vegas. She compared the harassment of her to the sex trafficking that exists in California.

“Forcing someone to work against their will, not allowing them to have a credit card, money, passport, phone and placing them in a house with the people they work with. I mean, everyone lived with me, nurses, security guards. Every day they watched me change. I had no privacy, not even a door to my room. I had to give eight blood tubes a week, ”said Britney.

Acting that She is good

In addition, she says she lied to fans on Instagram about how good she is and how happy she is. In fact, she was not well. She was afraid to go public with this so that people would not condemn her. So they would not say she has the money and that she is acting out now? But she still mustered the courage to do so. And in addition to those who are against her, Britney still gathered the support of those who support her.

After the information about the trial became public, many celebrities supported her on social networks. The happiest because Britney is speaking in public for the first time are fans who started the #FreeBritney movement, which her father Jamie called conspiracy theorists, but for years they said the situation was exactly as Britney described it in court. Her father, through a lawyer, only briefly said that he loved his daughter very much and that he missed her. Misses her how if he has her locked up in a house for 13 years?!!

Love that hurts is not love

What do abusers look like? How do they sound? Exactly like this. They love the one they bully, and they miss them. They don’t realize what their love is like. How harmful can it be? In this story, it’s not just Britney who needs help. It is both her father and all those who support him in what he does.

Okay, the singer has a past like she has. But who among us does not have some stain in the past? Who among us is still correcting some old mistakes? We are not saints either. But we are human. And you are human if you see that it is wrong for a person who can be healthy with quality help to have guidelines on how to live. You are human if you see that it is not normal for a parent to tell you that you must not have a child or a marriage. You are human if you see that it is not healthy to work seven days a week without rest.

Is there a girl or woman 25+ for whom Britney was not a role model? Even to the younger ones. Are there those who didn’t want to dance like her, sing like her, and end up looking like her? Is there one among us who didn’t have a poster in her room where this ravishing blonde was. They probably exist, but they are rare. Then we envied her. They thought money brought happiness. Today we are a little smarter and more mature, and we want to help those who are stuck.

My support goes for freedom. In this case for Britney Spears, but also for all other women and men who are not allowed that freedom. My support goes to a man who was born to make his own decisions. Support for a free life without the rules imposed on us, without captivity, without physical or mental harassment. My support goes for the happiness of a freedom that does not depend on anyone or anything.


4 thoughts on “When you go from being envious to feeling sorry for a star like Britney?”

  1. Good post! I understand how Britney feels. I also felt sorry for her. Britney used to be my girl crush when I was 13 years old. But I stopped admiring her when I was 15. At that time I thought Britney has changed into a virgin slut and all the good things that she portrayed was a lie. Now I understand why and start liking her again.

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  2. I remember being incredibly uncomfortable and saddened by how Britney was treated by the media and society when she was struggling with her fame and mental health. I had no idea about her conservancy until a few years ago but it didn’t surprise me that this was a form of abuse by those around her. I hope she is released from it by a judge.

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  3. #freebritney always, what she is going through is terrifying and I cannot believe that the judge refused to remove her father from the conservatorship. thank you for raising awareness about this issue!

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