How come smart people always doubt themselves and fools are full of self-confidence

Perhaps nowhere, as in Croatia, are there so many selectors, professors, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialist, teachers, doctors, seismologists, structural engineers, politicians, economists… and those who know everything about anything.

Who will effortlessly teach a lesson to an educator, teacher, professor, coach; because they dared to comment that their child needs to;

talk less, and listen more,

show a touch of empathy and respect to others

advocate, interest, learn or strive more to grow and change…

“Professors, teachers and coaches that moonlight”, you will laugh cynically. Because they know better.

They would manage at work, but not take responsibility. They are full of ideas. They know “how”, they discuss, they advise. And they don’t work.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a disease, curable, incurable, earthquake, epidemic, economic crisis, or a football game; they know. They heard. First hand. They were told. They read; once, somewhere. On some portal. Heard from someone. They don’t remember who. And now reclining, comfortably, in their worn-out armchair, they break down strategies. They quote a screenshot, of someone’s, unknown cell phone. They educate others. They give advice.

How to set up an attack, and how to defend, get vaccinated (or not), when, with what and why, do people really die or is it someone’s conspiracy, why ban tourists and public gatherings, how to solve statics after an earthquake, ..

For Croatia, the football championship ended early in the competition. We all shouted, loved, cursed, ascended to heaven and were disappointed. We have all been wise and clever. Discovering hot water, “knowing how” and what it would be like if it were…

… And let us be. That’s good, from time to time. “Give yourself importance.” To think you would be better off. Joking at the expense of an uncomfortable football boot and a thirst attack in the middle of a game. Everyone needs it. A step back. Fun, laughter and relaxation…

…it is good. Until it becomes an obsession. All-day occupation. Competition. Proving.

Until you start feeding nonsense, your self-confidence. Until you become unbearably loud, arrogant, boastful, caustic. Until you become addicted to flattery, attention, praise. About worshiping and admiring you.

Until you start insulting, weighing, belittling, harassing and slandering.

Until your only goal becomes to silence or humiliate another. Prove your beliefs, as the only correct one….

… All expert to expert. Professor to professor. Doctor to doctor…

Which makes me wonder, how come smart people always doubt themselves, and fools are full of self-confidence.

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