The best compliments you can give people

Can you remember how you felt when you last gave or received a compliment? If you think about it, receiving a compliment is similar to receiving a gift. It is a beam of positive energy that is transmitted to you in the form of recognition.

“You always manage to put a smile back on my face”

In the darkest times, it is important to find positivity. In some cases, a speck of light comes in the form of a person who is able to bring a smile back to your face.

When a smile is born, the door to greater happiness opens.

“You always see a glass half full”

Different situations can be observed in different shades. When the situation is viewed from a negative perspective it can cause stress and close the way to a solution. If you have a person with you who points to the bright side of things, it will be easier for you to process the situation.

It can also help find new solutions. Optimism is always good!

“You are / will be such a wonderful parent”

Being a parent means being the main factor responsible for the life and future of the child, the person who sets the greatest example for the child. When someone says you will be or are already a great parent, it means they see your value in that child’s life.

Truly a jewel of compliment.

“You are as beautiful on the inside as you are as beautiful on the outside”

It’s nice to receive a compliment for physical appearance, it’s something that lifts our ego a bit. Receiving a compliment about your insides has a deeper meaning though.

You are recognized and appreciated for your personality and your appearance. Bonus!

“You are such a good example to others”

Acting as an example to others means being a leader, and that is never easy.

Being recognized as an example or role model to others is a great compliment and truly deserves a sense of pride.

“You’re like a breath of fresh air”

Imagine being served a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much you missed it. Only when it is served in front of you do you really see its value. Well, if you managed to be something like someone’s glass of cold lemonade, that’s a good deal!

In everyday life, you may be so stuck in a routine that you may not even realize it. When the other person suddenly points you to a new way of thinking or just stops the autopilot of your routine, she deserves a nice compliment, like this one.

“You are a reliable person”

People you can really trust are pretty rare. When someone tells you that you are a trusted person, keep that gift in your heart. It sometimes takes some people a lot of effort to acknowledge your worth to you.

When you are someone special who can be trusted, it is a great gift.

“You really do everything you say”

It’s easy to talk about all the things you can do. But when it really comes to a point where you need to act, what is actually being done? It becomes a completely different story. Suddenly it seems a lot harder to do something than just talk about it.

When someone gives you this compliment, it’s a nice recognition and something you can be proud of.

“Thank you for being who you are.”

This compliment sounds simple, but it has such a deep meaning and is one of the most beautiful bouquets of words you can get. When someone gives you such a compliment, that person not only fully accepts who you are, but also appreciates you.

Nothing more and nothing less. It is an acknowledgment and gratitude that you are in that person’s life.

4 thoughts on “The best compliments you can give people”

  1. Compliments really are the best thing to give and receive. For me, parenting compliments make me feel really good because parenting is so dang hard! These are all great, though. I really need to make a point to compliment others more. 🙂

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