What makes me happy

I wake up, it’s morning, the sun has already appeared high above everyone and proudly touches the trees, flowers and the remaining dormant creatures that can’t open their eyes because the previous night was long or they just don’t like light

The chirping of birds is so intensely beautiful that I don’t even turn on the radio, which I often know how to turn on because I love music, but simply open the window and play those cheerful sounds of magic and continue to prepare fragrant coffee and breakfast to measure with cocoa, beautiful bread, freshly squeezed orange and plum jam.

Moments to remember

It takes me a while to prepare breakfast and playfully thank life in the morning for all these blessings that very few people even notice as such, often all this is taken for granted and very often considered as something common, which goes without saying.

And as I happily prepare breakfast I recall the beautiful moments spent with a friend a few years ago, in her garden, while the dew was still on the plants and flowers and the sun was just setting at height to position itself well for the day.

I remember she invited me to breakfast in the garden, in all these scents and variegation of nature and I can say that I will never forget that moment.

The scents of breakfast, the flower garden and the chirping of birds managed to engrave deep in my memory that the very memory of that happy smile on my face brought me back to those moments and immediately warmed my heart and colored my new day with beauty.


It is nice to remember such moments, to be able to notice them and to be grateful for them.

These are not moments that are taken for granted, these are moments that are given to us, that fill us with humanity and through which we grow into some happier and more grateful beings.

And gratitude is very important, I can never stop repeating enough how important gratitude is in everyone’s life.

If we are not yet grateful we should learn to be grateful, because gratitude teaches us how to be a good friend, how to nurture love in our relationships, how to recognize what unlove is, and how to choose people and moments properly.

With the ability to be grateful, we learn further how not to judge people and their decisions but to consciously accept all upcoming situations and learn to choose how to react to situations, while at the same time giving ourselves a choice to choose our own lives and the people we choose for ourselves.

By recognizing values to a better choice

By choosing the right people who enrich us as people, who allow us to grow in relationships, and who make us happy and fulfilled, we will make our own lives more meaningful.

By recognizing moments of happiness and contentment, we will provide ourselves with a multitude of new same moments and make them unforgettable and valuable.

Such moments are remembered, such moments make us happy, they enrich and ennoble us. And only such moments are the real wealth that make life meaningful.

Only we carry them with us, only they make us happy and only no one can ever take them away from us.

8 thoughts on “What makes me happy”

  1. Excellent post. Definitely agree it is so important to have the right people around you. Also gratitude is an attitude that impacts our life every day. Thank you for sharing this post.

    Pastor Natalie

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  2. This was such a refreshing read. Gratitude is so important. I read the Secret as a teenager and gratitude was a huge part of it. Learning to be grateful for all that you have can bring you even more happiness


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