Everything I would say to my younger self

We often say “if I known then what I knew now!” Our experiences, insights, reflections, attitudes and actions are much different. We are more mature now and would not allow ourselves some things. We would have said No! in a number of situations. Because we have finally learned how much we are worth, how much we are capable, how smart we are, how energetic we are, how much potential and unexplored talents we hide within ourselves. How important we are. And no, this is not a fair of female vanity, this is the wisdom of female maturation.

Between the two sides

In our early youth we had to follow rules from two sides that opposed each other. One of our parents, guardians, schools, churches. They all say, “Be good, act appropriately!” They also meant that you often shut up, bow your head, and be a moral, chaste, and decent girl. On the other hand screams society, trends, media, pop culture.

They are looking for a wild, debauched party girl, they are looking for you to wear that dress and those jeans, to emphasize your body, to put on as much make-up as possible. But not to please yourself, but to please them. Between those two sides, we remained stiff with fear, lost in the labyrinth of others and our own values. We longed to be heard.

Instead, we were quiet and lived in an enchanted castle of loneliness and seclusion. We smuggled in transient and superficial things, just to get it over with as soon as possible. We agreed to much less than we deserved. For many girls, adolescence was hell. But we survived.

We wish we knew then what we know now

We are much stronger now. Looking back, we would like to say to the our younger self:

Speak louder, don’t be ashamed, stand up for yourself! Shout for yourself! Be bolder, prouder! Raise your head and straighten your stance! You are beautiful, you are wonderful, you are smart! And yes, you can be anything you want! No matter what they say and what they tell you every day, no matter what they try to stifle your dreams over and over again! You have to talk now, you have to start building your empire of happiness now! You are your own best friend!

No one will give you as much support as you can give yourself! You can’t write a book based on one page, but you know they shouldn’t judge you based on the cover of your appearance. You are so much more than that and now is the time to show it! Run, take risks, try, don’t give up, In your life they will slam the door in front of your face a hundred times. And many will do so, not because you are not competent enough, but because they are afraid.

You, dear girl, are your competition! Because you are brave, because you are full of new ideas, because you are creative, talented, fresh and ready for new challenges. A hypocritical society is afraid of such.

Be ready for your YES! and for your success! Take credit for your words, ideas and actions!

Listen to the inner voice!

Never hide behind the set social shackles! I know it’s hard, you’ve suffered a lot. But your tears will dry up and you will fly again. Breathe and never stop dreaming! Look straight inside yourself and listen to the inner voice in which you will find strength! Don’t run away from yourself!

Because you can do this now and you can do a lot more, you’ll see, later, when you grow up! No one can stop you! We wanted to say all this to ourselves, but also to many young girls now, who are in puberty, high school, Challenging time. It is important to build and strengthen the self-confidence of young women. For a brighter future.

5 thoughts on “Everything I would say to my younger self”

  1. Great post, great advice! All of this!
    I’d add be wary of the person who tells you your “narrative” is wrong (yes, really had someone say that to me and let’s just say it was far from wrong) your gut feeling is usually always trying to tell you something, no one can tell you how to feel or that your feelings are wrong. Look out for the non apology too xxx

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  2. loved this post! i wish i could tell my younger self everything works out. Even now, when I’m going through tough times, I always know it will get better with time / lead me to where i need to be later.


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