Are you annoyed by the negative and toxic people in your life? Ignore them!

Negative people are the worst. Pessimism and black views of life are something that characterizes them, and in their vicinity we feel emotionally exhausted. They will easily ruin your good mood and throw you into depression in a very short time, but only if you let them.

If you yourself are surrounded by negative people and do not know how to defend yourself from their bad influence, below are some very good tips to help you get the bad guys out of your environment and fill your life with more positive influences.

  1. Shut them out

One of the best and easiest tips to get started for anyone trying to remove negative people and their bad energy from their lives is to simply stop following them on social media. You must have a few people on your friends list who fill your cover with negative and pessimistic statuses.

Why would you have to watch it every day? Simply stop following them or delete them from your friends list. Social media has many positive benefits, and sometimes we have to connect with people we don’t really like. If such negativities are also present in your virtual life, just stop following them and your cover will immediately become more positive.

  1. Limit time spent together

Once you’ve eliminated the bad guys from your life on social media, try to remove them from your real life as well, as much as possible.

Avoid hanging out with them, except when necessary, and even when they are in your presence, surround yourself with other and more positive people to make their impact as neutral as possible.

  1. Stop trying to help them

If you generally have problems with negative people simply stop dealing with their problems or helping them. They are constantly complaining about their problems and you are constantly trying to help them.

Don’t do that. Just stop because it’s not your fault for their attitude and the problems they are struggling with. Such people will always find some excuse to complain and if they have not listened to your suggestions for solving the problem before, then they will not in the future.

  1. Indulge in life

When it comes to negative influences in your life, simply ignore them and try to indulge in the flow of life. It’s not easy, but once you get into it it will be a lot easier for you. Every time a negative person appears in your company try to switch yourself off.

Whatever they say let you go through one and come out through the other. Don’t think for a second about what that person is telling you. Don’t let their words and actions affect you and they won’t be able to depress you anymore.

5. Take a life-detox

Many people periodically perform detoxification of the body to cleanse their body of toxins and harmful substances. We can also perform mind detoxification where we get rid of all negative thoughts and harmful influences. Stop for a moment and think: what people, choices, and actions in your life make you feel bad? Whose presence hurts you?

Identify such people and simply remove their negative impact from your life. Once you do that you will feel much fresher and more positive.

  1. Let you priority be people you love

Once you manage to remove negative people and their bad influence from your life, focus on the good things and more positive people. Make such people a priority in your life. Who makes you happy? Who do you love?

Spend as much time with them as possible. Improve your relationships with people who will bring light, not darkness, into your life. Be with those who make you happy, not depressing. The more such people you have, the better.

  1. Ignore feelings of guilt

Sometimes it is difficult to get rid of negative people and their influence, especially if they are people we are close to. If they are trying to create a sense of guilt in you because you kicked them out of life, don’t let them do that at all.

Just ignore them. There is a moment in life when it is time to focus on yourself, your desires and needs. Be yourself in the first place.

4 thoughts on “Are you annoyed by the negative and toxic people in your life? Ignore them!”

  1. I hate how ACTIVELY you have to remind yourself these things when you’re around toxic/negative people. I don’t get along with my husbands family and it’s hard to avoid them sometimes. I’ve done a pretty decent job of it, but I refuse to speak or be around them. He doesn’t get it but they just make me feel…. icky.

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    1. That is perfectly valid. I have not spoken or saw my moms dad since I was 15, I refuse to talk to a toxic abusive asshole. On family gatherings I just avoid him in a wide circle. But my family understands this and are not forcing me to hang out with him. Come to think of it non of my siblings talk to him also. My mom feels responsible for him as he is her dad and I wish she did not and would cut any connections with him as he did make her life a living hell.

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  2. This is so true. I’ve been dealing with someone who I was once very close with growing up. For a time, I was living very peaceful after I moved far away from family and those I grew up with, then all of a sudden they’ve wanted more time via text/Skype calls/messaging on social media. I get to the point where I shake and feel agitated when I get texts from them because they’re always mad about something, even minor things. So, I’m setting boundaries starting tomorrow and I’m sticking to them. I desperately need that peace back and it’s something we all need.

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