No excuses

Brave people when they make mistakes, they say it.

They apologize. They are trying to fix it. Do not repeat. Learn from your mistakes.

No excuses!

No cheap excuses. Without searching for the “culprit” in others.

You grow the most, when you bite your pride, gather your courage and say:

“Fuck, I screwed up!”

You’re mostly alive then. Most of all my own. Most truly the one you are. Stripped to the bone. You show the most how much you care, how much you give, how much you are ready to change. Being a better partner, friend, parent, colleague, better child.

I’m better to myself.

Because of the people you mean to, who mean to you.

For yourself!

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a trifle or a big thing, you know, as long as there are “excuses” and “culprits”, while there are cheap excuses, there is no change. No growth. No lessons learned. Everything remains the same. It repeats cyclically. You stagnate.

You are perfect, in an imperfect environment. And there is no need to work on yourself.

No progress. There is no way forward. You’re good where you are. Because you see neither what you are nor what you could be.

A bunch of incompetents around you. At work, in the neighborhood, in the family.

You never wonder, how come they all make mistakes often, and you rarely do. How come no one is even close to your perfection? How is it that other people’s mistakes are a sign of stupidity, ignorance, negligence and ignorance? How is it that there is always some excuse, reason and good justification for yours?

It is always because of someone else, because of something, because of a combination of unfortunate circumstances.

Never because of you. Because you were reckless, gullible, careless, hasty…

There’s nothing suspicious about that.

You’re probably just wondering what kind of slackers, losers, and failures you’re surrounded by.

And you are not the one who is powerful and strong. If you were, you would gather courage to admit YOUR mistakes, not excuses.

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