It doesn’t matter if you like everyone , it’s important that you like yourself!

It doesn’t matter what or how much you know. What matters is what you say you know!

And that you are convincing enough in that. Because if you convince yourself, you will convince others as well. You’re a super-fucking-man! You’ll straighten your shoulders, you’ll flaunt your triumphant, puffy chest. Like a turkey. You are on top of the world. Who can do what to you ?! You have an attitude, you have a story…

You can also steal knowledge. Or you won’t even steal it, because it takes effort and time. You need to have balls. And you don’t have them. It is easier to take someone else’s credit. Behind back. Because “behind your back” works best for you.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t talk to your relatives. That your neighbors are “scum”. That your ex is “garbage”.

That you change “friends” like socks. That you fuck over work colleague. It doesn’t matter that you have an “opinion” about everyone and that you “benevolently” whisper it to those who are similar to yourself. That you don’t “hear” anyone, that you are the lid of every pot and that you and only you are “always right”.

It doesn’t matter, because you’re not like “us.” You’re better. You’re at church on Sundays. You carry the cake for a blessing. You confess. You have all the sacraments. “He” knows that you don’t talk about gossip, you don’t talk from evil. It’s not up to you. It is up to the “others”. It is always up to others. You know that too. It’s hard to be perfect, in a world of imperfect humans.

It doesn’t matter that your child doesn’t know how to tell you, I’m sorry, thank you and I love you!

It doesn’t matter that you are rude to others. It doesn’t matter that your spouse doesn’t notice you. Presentation is important! The one outside. Furnished, retouched smile. A harmonious, functional family. 3,2,1 and smile… Uploading… Convince others. Like, finger up, heart or two … and they convince you.

It doesn’t matter that you are unhappy!

Empty. For any reason. It is important that you have branded clothing. False eyelashes, eyebrow powder. Lip fillers. Ironed wrinkles. Sucked cellulite. This is the only criterion of success.

Laugh, laugh, laugh!

There is no room for sadness, tears, mistakes, worries, straightened hair and wrinkles from laughter. Presentation is everything. The way they perceive you is what you are…

It’s just that… you’re not!

Happiness is a state of mind!

You feel it! From the inside. First in the stomach. And then it permeates you. Like tingles. From eyelashes to toes. You don’t see it in the mirror, you don’t find it on Instagram. You can fool others, but you know when it’s a lie.

Life is happiness, but also sadness, laughter, tears, mistakes, anger, stupidity, apology, misjudgment, shame, recklessness, resignation, euphoria… Kaleidoscope, often at the same time mixed and Intertwined emotions. Which break and strengthen you.

If you are neurotic, crazy, depressed, Zen, optimistic, realistic, irritatingly happy… It is OK. You’re alive! You’re human!

It doesn’t matter if you like everyone.

It is important that you like yourself!

That in the evening when you go to bed, you will be calm with yourself.

It’s important to hug!

To love!

To love you.

That you have someone to take the bag from your hand. Help.

To help.

That you are grateful.

To knock on your door, call.

That you are full.

To study.

To gather courage.

Don’t stand still.

To get moving.

To breathe. You live!

Not everyone will ever love you!

But someone will. Because in the sea of false smiles, in you, they will recognize, a sincere heart.

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