When you are left alone, you are in the best company ever

Embrace yourself completely. All your sides, both the bright ones and the ones you call dark. Because it’s all You. One and only. Irreplaceable.

So talk to yourself so honestly. With the trust of a best friend, the love of a mother and the openness of a child. Cry if you cry. Forgive yourself when it comes to you. Hug yourself and be your biggest support. Even if no one else is.

Because there is no one more important in your world with whom you need to align. No one more important whose opinion you will seek. Because no one knows you better than yourself. No one knows more than your Soul where you need to go and what to do.

So find a balance with yourself. You will recognize her by her peace and good feeling. By depth and fulfillment. And that to some special joy.

And as you implement it, some things around you will change. Some people leave, some circumstances change. Anything that is not in line with your new being will go away.

And so be it, don’t complain…

Enjoy the fulfillment that will permeate you. In the unmistakable feeling that you are going the right way. In clarity and some miraculous peaceful joy. Which cannot be described in words. But you will know how to recognize her.

And don’t be afraid of new challenges. New crossroads and roads. Because a sure hand will guide you. A quiet voice whispered. And you will feel a clear direction. And you will never get lost.

You will already see a clear way out of every challenge. And a lesson. A new lesson that will serve your growth. And you will witness the blessing. Gratitude and humility for this wonderful gift of life given to you. To experience it in the best possible way and enjoy your progress.

So don’t wait another moment! Go and live life the way your soul once wanted it somewhere!

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